PingFresh Traffic Turbocharger

PingFresh RESUSCITATES, FRESHENS and PROMOTES all your existing content to attract new visitors on a massive scale! Not only that, it will do it again and again and again… FOR LIFE! That’s right! PingFresh revitalizes all your old posts and keeps them fresh in the eyes of search engines by telling the world about them using some of the most popular and powerful sites out there.Not only that, the Search Engines LOVE these sites and use them to learn, index, rank and credit you with MASSIVE authority…One of our SECRET WEAPONS is an INVISIBLE, HIGH-POWER strategy that allows your customers to automatically tell the world about the page they just visited.This happens silently in the background and creates a SOCIAL ECHO, broadcasting your new and old content all over the world.Not only that, if they visit from another site that has your link, and is not a search engine, it boosts the referring site making it more valuable and increasing that page’s authority.PingFresh examines your content, figures out which items have not been visited by the Search Engines for a while and then allows you to automatically move them to the topof your blog as if you just published them…

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