Apple Hits $3 Trillion Market Value and Could Soar Another $800 Billion

Corbis via Getty Images Apple’s market capitalization soared past $3 trillion Friday, a historic milestone as the world’s largest company continues to grow larger thanks to resilient profits and product sales. Shares of the iPhone maker jumped more than 1% to a fresh all-time high of $192 in morning trading and are now up nearly […]

Is Passive Income Truly Achievable?

LiudmylaSupynska | Getty Images For the last several years, passive income has been hailed as a near-perfect approach to generating wealth, appealing to entrepreneurs, investors and average working professionals alike. But the promise of effortless income generation sounds suspicious on its surface. Is there really a way to generate revenue without hours of work? And […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Fortune Dropped $11 Billion Thursday–And Is Down $100 Billion Since Meta’s Stock Peaked

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pauses while speaking as he testifies before a joint hearing of the … [+] Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth fell $11 billion on Thursday to $36 billion as the company’s shares plummeted a day after it reported dismal quarterly earnings. Meta shares […]

Should You Buy BWX Technologies Stock At Around $55?

UKRAINE – 2021/05/08: In this photo illustration, the BWX Technologies logo seen on a smartphone and … [+] SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images BWX Technologies stock (NYSE: BWXT XT ), a supplier of nuclear components and fuel, has seen a 9% rise this year, significantly outperforming the broader S&P500 index, down 23%. However, in the […]

Time to Bottom Fish? 3 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks That Are Down Over 40% This Year

Everyone is hoping the market might be bottoming and by the recent actions of Bank of America clients, some evidently think the lows must be in sight. Last week, BofA customers splashed out $6.1 billion on US stocks, in what amounted to the third largest inflow since 2008. While the bank has stated it is […]