With SiteSync you can easily backup, download and restore unlimited entire FTP sites, as well as WordPress sites and its plugins.With SiteSync, the number of sites you could secure was 5 with Elite, and 50 with Advanced. With SiteSync PRO, the number of sites you can backup is UNLIMITED.

This covers, unlimited FTP sites, unlimited WordPress sites and unlimited HTML sites that you can now backup, download and restore. When it comes to securing your websites, we’ve got you covered.

Receive instant notifications via email whenever your website or server goes down. Just get an email as soon our monitors detect that your site is down and you can be up and running in just 3 minutes. This notification reduces your damages to a minimum.

Securing your business doesn’t get easier than this. Don’t pay for 5 copies of SiteSync Pro! Now you can allow 5 team members to collaborate, all under one license. Watch the video below to find out how it works:

Unlimited Client Developer License is your golden ticket to securing an unlimited number of sites for your clients! This software offers what every single client of yours needs.

You just need to tell them the super-slick business security solutions you offer (every feature that SiteSync Pro offers) and you can charge them anything you want and make a lot of PROFIT


SiteSync Pro gives you a ridiculously unfair advantage over others…So you need to grab this NOW! You can keep pinching yourself all day long but you better believe it!The cap is off and there is no end to this prodigy now!

This bottomless pit of brilliance will let you backup and secure an unlimited number of websites, minimise your damage with website monitoring and make bank with the developer license till you literally tire out of all the success that’s been coming your way!!


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