Radiation, Mainstay of Cancer Treatment, Begins a Fade-Out

A mask used in radiation therapy shows laser lines for targeting cancer cells in the brain…Adobe Every year, doctors get better tools to fight cancer. Engineered cancer-killing cells, immunotherapies, targeted drugs, and more are helping clinicians cure more patients. Increasingly, though, oncologists are trying to use less radiation, long one of the main pillars of […]

The Consequences Of Automated Financial Disparity

getty Several years ago, I met someone who moved for a new job. She found an apartment for $500 per month, but could not afford the $1,000 deposit. So instead, she moved into a $200 per week hotel bringing her rent to over $800 per month. Despite the higher cost, her room did not come […]

8 Natural Ways to Repel Insects Without Bug Spray

Tim MacWelch Unless you’re an entomologist (and on the clock), you probably hate being surrounded by bugs, especially if they bite. While these creatures play important roles in the environment, they can be a real nuisance to humans in the outdoors, and some of these bugs do transmit diseases. Your favorite store-bought bug repellent can […]

Is Your Relationship With Money Holding You Back?

Mel H. Abraham, the host of The Affluent Entrepreneur Show, often hears clients tell him, “I’m having some money issues because …” What follows “because” could be any number of reasons, but in Abraham’s book, money issues are often a symptom and not the actual problem. “The fact is your current financial situation is a […]

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace The Rule of First Things First

I have a recurring nightmare. It goes like this: I’m 16 years old again, back on my old newspaper route. But there’s a major problem: I’m late. I’ve overslept. Now it’s 6:43, and I have 150 newspapers to deliver by 7:00 a.m. If I don’t, I start getting complaints. It’s an impossible task. A wave […]