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10 Small Business Apps, Services And Tech Platforms Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

GETTY If you want to know the best place to keep up with technology for your business, follow my weekly tech roundups for entrepreneurs each week. You’ll learn because I’m always learning. So what have I learned? Businesses that invest in the right technologies are assuring future growth…


Which Company Could Be The Next Permian Basin Acquisition Target?

Following the news that Chevron had agreed to pay a nearly 40% premium to acquire Anadarko Petroleum, investors quickly bid up the shares of other potential acquisition targets. As I argued in the previous article, I believe the Permian was the key to the…

Reclusive Millionaire Warns: “Get Out of Cash Now”

Something strange is going on in the financial system. And according to The Financial Times, it’s about to send a massive flood of cash into the pockets of the most prepared Americans. What exactly is going on and what does it mean for your…

Apply These 10 Cool Techniques to Increase Sales and Marketing ROI for your Small Business

There isn’t just one correct way for small businesses to make sales. You can use social media, content marketing, or even good old fashioned phone calls. No matter what tactics you use, it’s important to have a plan and a way to measure results….

22 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget – Lisa Smith

Via: As Facebook seeks to deliver the content its users will enjoy most and find most relevant, organic reach has been on the decline. In fact, some say it is downright dead. This presents a particular challenge for small businesses: You don’t have…

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