SMSBOT – Highly Targeted Buyers SMS List Using Mobile Widget Bot Messages

While Your Competitors Struggle To Figure Out Email Marketing, You Could Be First In Line To Get Text Messages Directly Into Your Buyers’ Sms Inbox, Where They Will Get Opened, Read & Acted On. Upload a CSV file of your existing buyers or followers directly and start sending them SMS messages directly. You can just ask for their contact number in person (like in an networking event or any place) and add them manually to SMSBot. Every time someone texts you, they are added to your SMS list. This is very powerful when used correctly. These are the people highly interested in your service and convert to buyers easily…….

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Elite SMS Plus


Elite SMS  is an online platform for sending messages to mobile phones. With just a few clicks you will be able to set up a database, collect leads using WebForms and broadcast SMS campaigns to your customers.Here are some reasons why marketers are using SMS as their main technique:Mobile phones are carried anywhere,95% open rate, SMS may be used for any kind of marketing campaign (contests, offers, discounts, CPA or services) , SMS marketing may be easily accessed by customers and thus they may easily respond to the offer as soon as possible and an easier way to make money with internet marketing .

Platform overview features

Elite SMS

Web forms for collecting leads

SMS AutoResponders

Markers for creating personalized messages

Tracking the links (who opened and when)

Schedule & time frame for a campaign


Import from csv/excel

Here is a short presentation about how it works for you


Using the below webform editors you will get these as templates and you will be able to use them as they are or customize them:



4You have 10 days to review our product.We strongly believe that this product can help your business grow. But, if you are not happy with your results, you will get your money back, no questions asked.

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