Tag: social understanding

What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most – Lydia Sohn

My preconceptions about older people first began to crumble when one of my congregants, a woman in her 80s, came into my office seeking pastoral care. She had been widowed for several years but the reason for her distress was not the loss of…


Knowers & Learners Quick Thoughts On Different World Views – Bruno Bergher

My work these days involves spending a lot of time with early stage companies, where we’re racing against the clock to turn bold new ideas into usable products, and see if they work. It’s a land where you’re knee-deep in ambiguity, and surrounded by…

6 Handy Charts for Performing Critical Thinking Assessment – Lee Watanabe-Crockett

How do we know when our learners are thinking critically? Critical thinking assessment can be tricky to perform as it encompasses such a broad area of skills. However, we can begin to assess critical thinking by breaking it down into more basic components, and…

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