Ultimate Solos

Send Your Ultimate Solo Ad To A Highly Responsive Network Of 45 Advertising Sites Minutes From Now”.. We offer Supersolo Ads targeted at home based business owners, direct sales and network marketing professionals, internet marketers, affiliate marketers and anyone that is looking to make money online.

What Are the Advantages of Using The Ultimate Solo Service?

Quality Traffic To Your Website: Monster Solo Ads are One of the Most Effective Forms of Advertising on the Internet. You will Receive FAST & Widespread Exposure to your Business & Affiliates through Our Network of Advertising Sites.

Save Time and Money: Your time is Valuable. Imagine the Time and Money you would spend Joining and Sending Monster Solo Ads through each Individual Site! Click Stats: Full Stats Available in Your Members Area!Single or Bulk SuperSolos Available: Great Savings!No Member Emails: No More Full Inboxes. Only Admin Emails!

Advertise to Over 25400 Members Ready and Willing to Read Your SuperSolos!

NOTE: Paypal users your supers will be added instantly! Alertpay members you may need to contact “Support” to have your super solos added! Just return here to setup your ad.

Even though it reads sent, that only means it has been placed into the mailing queue. Your Super Solo Ad will go out usually within 24hrs if not sooner. Remember to use our Affiliate program!!!! Free members earn 30%, Gold 40% and Finally Platinum 50% Commissions !!!!!!!

Reminder: Please Respect Our Ad Posting Rules!

  • Only 1 Url Allowed in the Body of the Ad
  • NO Subject Lines Over $1000 in Monetary Statements
  • No Promoting any gambling, adult or illegal activity site including ponzi schemes etc.
  • NO PTC sites offering ridiculous sign up offers or cash out or paid to click amounts etc.

Evil Reddit Ads

Reddit Ads


Evil Reddit Ads is from extraordinary Ben Adkins. Evil Reddit Ads is very marvelous for internet marketers. Evil Reddit Ads is Best Complete Special Upgrade Live Course Going To Show You How To Get A Ton Of Free Traffic on Reddit by “ethically hacking” the way that Reddit Works And Will Show You The Secret to Dominating the Paid Traffic Side of Reddit. Evil Reddit Ads, Inside is going to show you everything you need to know to get organic Reddit Traffic, and a lot of it.  You’re going to also want to start taking advantage of something very special on Reddit. This will show you exactly how to use the reddit ad Interface and several Evil Reddit Ad Tricks to grow your brand using the Reddit Platform.

What is Inside “Evil Reddit Ads”?

  • Part 1: Anatomy and Setup of a Reddit Ad
    We’ll walk you through the basics of the Reddit Ad Editor and the Anatomy of how a Reddit Ad gets put together the right way. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be on your way to setting up Laser Targeted Reddit Ads for your business right away.
  • Part 2: The Magic 20 Subreddits
    The key to putting together an amazing Reddit Ad campaign lies in your ability to find the right Subreddits to advertise in (and learning the quirks of each subreddit). I’ll show you my step by step method for finding and grading subreddits to run my ads in successfully.
  • Part 3: The 5 Tricks for Successful Reddit Ads
    There are 5 powerful formulas that I use when running Ads on Reddit that give me a leg up over anyone else running Reddit ads. I’ll share each of those formulas with you so you can hit the ground running with your campaigns.
  • Part 4: Tracking and Retargeting Reddit Ads
    You’ve got a hungry crowd that will be clicking on your ads and visiting your site. Now we want to make sure we use that exposure to our advantage in a big way. I’ll show you how to track your Reddit Traffic to make sure it’s effective and how to use Retargeting to multiply your Reddit Ad Spend in a Big way.
  • Part 5: Reddit Ad Case Studies
    One of the easiest ways to be successful with Reddit Ads is to follow in the footsteps of those that are already rocking it. We’ll show you the inside track on some very successful Reddit Ad Campaigns that you can copy for your business.




Traffic Launder


Would you like to have a tool that lets you control your clicks simpler & easier than ever before? Would you like to significantly increase your affiliate net-profit by 200% – 300% easily? Would you like to increase the conversion of your traffic from all around the world? If you’d like all that, I have something very special for you today. This tool will greatly help you get all that. This is the tool that most marketers are missing. People has paid over $100 just to get this kind of tool, or even paid monthly subscription. Yes, It’s true. But luckily for you, today you have the opportunity to get the same value at a rock bottom low price.

Imagine you get unlimited – unrestricted traffic, your current traffic goes 200% – 300% UP! You can finally use Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, heck even adult websites, or underground dirt cheap traffic sources without ever worry about being CAUGHT because you have cloaked all your traffic sources.

Cloak Traffic Source With Single & Double Meta Refresh

  • Keep your traffic source hidden and untraceable from competitors
  • No more worry about traffic source restriction from Affiliate Networks
  • Drive more traffic = instantly get more profit
  • Protect and prevent anyone stealing your assets


Email Marketers /Solo Vendors /Ad Swappers

you just simply use this to manage your email marketing clicks. If you even want to sell solo clicks, this is the perfect tool for you. You can decide which country you want to send your clicks from, you can set the limits of the click as well. Or you can just use Traffic Launder to make your Ad Swap simpler and easier


 Rotate URL Based on Weight Percentage or Maximum Hits

  • You can simply kick back and relax, no longer babysit URLs for your AdSwap / SoloAd to your JV partner
  • Easily split one traffic source to many URLs for real time split testing
  • URL Shortener For Your Links
  • Get higher Click Through Rate  -without those long ugly URLs that signals SPAM
  • Simply manage your URLs with easy to remember & organized names

 Traffic Launder V1.2 is Guaranteed to Work for You 


With its simple and minimalist user interface, the goal is to make it very easy for you to use. All you need is a WordPress website to use it! I have provided a detailed user manual for you as well, I guarantee you’ll be up and running in 3 minutes.

You Get Dedicated Lifetime Support!

If you experience any difficulty in using this tool, or if you have any question regarding other matter. Please do not hesitate to contact  support@thetrafficlaunder.com

100% Risk Free, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 

I respect you as a marketer to marketer. You have an iron clad 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If in anyway you are not satisfied with your purchase,  I will give all of your money back with no question asked (although you are very welcomed to give me constructive critics)

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