How This Entrepreneur Raised $1 Million and Is Leading an Energy Revolution Before Age 30

The path of the entrepreneur is a bold one. At every stage of the journey, you continually make bold decisions and take bold risks. This has certainly been the case in my journey as a founder. We started a smart home company (in 2013) when everyone said we were crazy. We saw the vision and […]

The Key To Unlocking Africa’s Economic Potential Lies In Its Power Supply

If one had to name a single resource key to unlocking Africa’s economic potential, including job creation, access to knowledge, agriculture and industrial transformation, the power supply would have to be high up on that list. According to a 2016 study, approximately 43 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa – up to 600 million […]

Move Over Great White Shark: A New Shark Rules South African Waters

The waters surrounding Seal Island in False Bay, South Africa are eerily calm. All you can hear are waves lapping up against your boat, and you can feel a tension in the air as everyone waits for a moment made famous by Shark Week. Suddenly, there is commotion on one side of the boat as […]