Complete Scam: Buterin is Loud and Clear on Bitcoin Cash

Vitalik Buterin’s stance on Bitcoin SV is only getting harsher. In the recent interview for the YouTube channel, Hardcore Crypto, Buterin slammed Craig Wright’s project and called it a complete scam.

“It’s obvious that BSV is a complete scam, but the delisting from Binance is interesting. There are arguments that are for and against it.”

When Changpeng Zhao decided to delist BSV, many crypto exchanges followed him almost instantly. The opinion that BSV is a complete scam is shared between many in the crypto community, but the worry about Binance’s centralization of power isn’t.

Binance is a way scarier threat than BSV, even if it turns out to be a complete scam

In reality, Binance presents a much bigger threat than BSV ever could. With Craig Wright’s obnoxious claims and questionable decisions, it’s only a matter of time before the currency hits the bottom.

Sure, BSV could hitch a ride on bitcoin’s back for a few rallies, but inevitably it will crash and burn. Many investors will probably burn with it, but that’s just how the market goes.

Binance however, has a longstanding history of extortionist policies from projects, as well as many other shenaningans.

Buterin clarified:

“They have consistently asked for unreasonable listing fees. They also pressure the win/lose outcome of coins by deciding their trading pairs. That’s why it’s weird to criticize the delisting while ignoring all the other decisions.”

A little over a month after the hash war ended, Buterin started throwing punches on BSV.

Buterin started warning people about Binance a while ago. He stated:

“I hope all centralized exchanges would burn in hell.”

At the time, people didn’t really realize the threat of centralized exchanges. Most people and even experts don’t currently either. Buterin mentioned that a large-scale success of centralized exchanges would render both Binance and BSV obsolete.

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Source: Complete Scam: Buterin is Loud and Clear on Bitcoin Cash

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