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How To Experience The Taj Mahal With No Tourists: A VIP Guide To Agra, India – Jim Dobson


The cows blocking the winding dirt road ahead would have been a sure sign to turn back for the average visitor, but in India, locals are more resilient than that and they simply find a way around the crowded situation. We were in a private luxury car arranged by the amazing Micato Safaris taking us from Delhi to Agra on a four-hour drive. Our guide, the sophisticated, charming and well known Hem Singh was confident that the approaching wide open and empty toll freeway would make the drive a breeze. Before we knew it we had arrived in the humid, sweaty, dusty and overcrowded city of Agra……..

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Royal Visit to Taj Mahal Brings Back Diana Memories — TIME

Prince William and Kate Middleton posed for a photo in front of India’s Taj Mahal on Saturday, an image reminiscent of an infamous photo of Princess Diana, who posed alone in the same spot during her 1992 visit to the country. The photo of Diana, taken in February 1992 in front of the famous “monument…

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