How To Create Profit-Pulling Videos with Voiceovers Without Speaking A Single Word With The Vocalic

Vocalic is a software developed for content creators to assist with their video and voice-over creations using AI technology. Vocalic can create interactive videos for YouTube channels, video advertisements, e-learning, customer onboarding, websites, and many other marketing platforms. To create a high-quality video with this AI video production software, you don’t need a studio, actors, video recorders, or recording equipment.

You need well-written text to create your videos and voice-overs with Vocalic. Software like Vocalic is a must-have tool for companies, small-to-medium organizations, and individual content creators wishing to make super-realistic voices across many ages, languages, and accents without hiring expensive voice actors.

This voice-over and video creation tool is ideal for all types of small content makers, including L&D, authors, and new podcasters, as well as educators, animators, small product developers, and corporate trainers.

The software is ideal for small online business owners and anyone looking to make videos with voiceovers on a tight budget. You will be able to make realistic contents that are good for your business or education, such as:

  • Explainer and product videos.
  • Commercials and promotional videos.
  • Course modules for eLearning.
  • Podcasts, audiobooks, video games, and YouTube videos.
  • Customer service/IVR phone system.
  • Software apps and demos for corporate training.
  • And much more…

As you can see in the screenshot creating a voice-over with Vocalic software is very straightforward. All you need to create your audio is good written text with the right format and the right punctuation marks. After filling the text box, you can choose human voices from the left side of the text box. You can choose from all listed voices and use that fits your video (voice-over) or audio.

Vocalic has many language options, but it does not have many voice options except the English language. Below you can listen to voice-overs that I created with Vocalic software. To create a video in Vocalic first you choose your video type if it is a whiteboard video if you want to add your own video file, and if you want to create your video from scratch. Choose as you like.

Then give the title for your project, after that choose the video resolution, choose the background audio that you want, select animation or transition, and finally press the upload & process button. When we come to generating or making podcasts with Vocalic, that is very easy after generating your vice-overs. Choose podcast from the menu bar or left sidebar.

After that choose your voice-overs from your library and add them voice file list box, you can add up to five audios. Choose your background music and add whatever you want, you can adjust the volume of the music. Finally, click the merge and generate button and get your podcast’s final result.

Vocalic has some free bonuses for software users. As you can see in the screenshot you can get it by clicking the bonus button from the menu bar. Some of their bonuses are very useful for online marketers or content creators. The bonus pack includes a niche finder, article rewrite, opt-in generator, video marketing domination, unique exit popup, affiliate marketing A-Z, and much more.

Generally, inside Vocalic, you get 20 bonuses, and if you purchase the product you will get access to all bonuses for free download.

Vocalic All Features

  • You can convert any text into a real human-like voiceover in a few simple steps.
  • You may use voiceover to transform any text script into a whiteboard video.
  • Create a video directly from the image URL or from your device.
  • Any of your videos can benefit from background music.
  • Create voiceovers in over 150 human and AI voices, as well as 30 languages.
  • Create videos by searching for images with keywords and adding a soundtrack (voice-over).
  • A built-in content spinner allows you to personalize your scripts.
  • There are no technical difficulties for newcomers.
  • With integrated my drive, you may save and securely share an unlimited number of videos, voiceovers, and other media.
  • You will receive an agency license, allowing you to begin selling voiceover and video creation services and profit handsomely.

Vocalic is good software for small business owners, but not big companies. The software can help new YouTubers, video advertisers, small freelancers, and some like those. In my opinion, creating the podcast with Vocalic doesn’t worth it for now. AI voice podcasts are not interesting, and the listeners don’t like them at all.

For video creation again it is good for small businesses and small freelancers or content creators. All I am interested in from this software feature is its voice-over creation that’s cool. The other feature is not bad but not good too. Generally, Vocalic is worth testing for small online marketers and content creators. When we see the price of this software it’s low and more affordable than other text-to-speech creator software.


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The Text Scripts File Importing Option Technology Using Your Voices

Voicebuddy is The Last All In One Text To Speech Option You’ll Ever Need. VoiceBuddy encomposses the best of both worlds when it comes to text to speech technology. Simply stated, they’ve combined Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into one software platform and added a ton of features as well.

HAVE YOU HEARD? Speech To Text Is Now More Natural Sounding Than Ever! That’s right. With the advances in speech to text technology you can now create great sounding media in mere minutes. This Means That You Won’t Have To: Search endlessly on freelance sites for voice over talent. Waste hundreds of hours recording your own voice scripts. Spend thousands of dollars per year on voice overs only to end up disappointed with the quality. Spend hundreds of dollars on expensive studio equipment to record your voice. FINALLY! Boring Robotic Voices Are A Thing of The Past!

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a video or listening to an audio and hearing a voice that sounds like monotone garbled metal. Ugh! It’s not only terrible quality, but it’s also downright distracting. If you’re using this type of audio in your projects, you need to stop immediately. Because with the technology they’re giving you access to today, there’s not only a better way of producing text to speech audio, but the quality is leaps and bounds above the competition!

They’ve Just Harnessed The Power of Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly Into One Amazing Soft Platform With A Ton of Features! When you’re trying to seamlessly create natural sounding text to speech, you need to be able to add pitch, natural pauses, strength of voice, and more. So they set out to find a solution that would not only offer all of these things (and then some), but also that combined the top two text to speech technologies into one. Introducing VoiceBuddy.

It Creates Realistic Sounding Voices In Only 3 EASY STEPS. You can pump out natural sounding audio asap with VoiceBuddy. All you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Select your language and voice
  • Step 2: Paste your text into Voice Buddy
  • Step 3: Click to generate your audio.

With VoiceBuddy you could create up to 20X more videos than the competition. No joke. Just think about it. You could have videos churning out every single day that earns you money from affiliate sales, ad revenue, and more! And you could do it across multiple markets as well!

However, you’ll need to act fast because the price of VoiceBuddy is going up every single day. So if you finally want to break into the YouTube scene and create tons of content you can monetize, go ahead and use the link above. You won’t believe how incredible the voices are in VoiceBuddy!

VoiceBuddy Features

  • (X Number) of Voices To Choose From: As they’ve mentioned earlier, they’ve combined Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into this platform. Therefore you’ll get the best of both worlds!
  • (X) Languages To Choose From: English isn’t the only popular language today. That’s why they’ve made sure to include multiple languages inside of VoiceBuddy. This way you can create audio in some of the most popular languages today without missing a beat.
  • It Is Easy To Use EVEN FOR NEWBIES: Listen, they’ve made using VoiceBuddy incredibly easy right out the gate. You simply cannot mess this up. Even if you have the technical skills of a blind caveman!
  • 100% Customization At Your Fingertips. No Other Text To Speech Platform Comes Close! Other text to speech software apps either include Google Wave Net or Amazon Polly. Where’s the value in that? This, in their opinion, is incredibly underwhelming.
  • Easy To Use Dashboard: Everything is right where you need it. No clicking around trying to find the tools to use. The layout is designed to make sure you can start generating high quality text to speech fast.
  • Text To Speech Editor: You’ll also be able to edit all of your text you put into VoiceBuddy at a moment’s notice. The wide layout makes sure you can comb over your text with ease.
  • Add Notes To Each Audio File – Had an idea for a particular audio? No worries. Just click to add notes to any audio and you’ll never forget your thoughts and how to use that audio in the future.
  • Find Previously Created Audios Easily – They’re sure that once you get going with VoiceBuddy, you’re going to be creating tons of audio files from text. That’s why they’ve made finding any audio easy just by doing a simple search.
  • EVERYTHING IS 100% CLOUD BASED. No Need To Install Anything. You’ll also love the fact that VoiceBuddy doesn’t require you to download or install anything. This works on every device you have.
  • DELIVERS ON TIME EVERY TIME. Without The Nasty Attitude. It delivers your audio voice over right when you want it. Immediately.
  • SAVE THOUSANDS On Voice Overs. Unless you’re producing a 200 million dollar budget movie, then it just makes sense to save money on voice over work right? Even lower level talent charges by the minute.
  • Export And Use With Any Software You Choose. The great thing about VoiceBuddy is that you can download every single audio you create quickly and easily by mp3 format. This will allow you to import to every possible software available because mp3 is the normal format that a lot of software take nowadays.

  • What VoiceBuddy Can do for you

    • You get more subscribers. More subscribers mean you can make money from contextual ads on YouTube
    • You’ve established a passive stream of income
    • You can make affiliate income from your videos by mentioning a resource at the end of the video and also linking in the description
    • You start to rank for certain terms in Google, which brings more video views, which brings more money.
    • You can redirect traffic to your own products and make sales
    • You can use the videos to build an email list
    • It doesn’t matter the app. They guarantee that the audio you download from VoiceBuddy will play nicely with each and every single one.
    • AND HERE’S THE BIGGEST BENEFIT OF ALL: You Could Flip That Channel For A Lump Sum Profit, Then Repeat The Process Over And Over!


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VideoPal A New Game Changer In Animation World

VideoPal is the latest in website talking head technology with both animated & human video hosts. It enables you to place these 2d & 3d characters right on top of your web-site, or ANY web-site, and is equipped with the BEST text to speech technology available, in 24 different languages! Your animated spokesperson will say anything you want or you can load the ready-made done-for-you hosts which will work across dozens of niches.

Thats just the beginning: With VideoPal, You can even upload ANY human talking head with a green screen background. BAM! The background gets removed automatically and your video host is ready to walk onto any web-site.

To top it off, VideoPal is loaded with features beyond what you thought possible this is like breaking the speed of light in the Internet Video Space, we have not seen anything this creative & ground-breaking since VideoMakerFX 3 years ago.

VideoPal The Features

VideoPal is the worlds revolutionary new tool suite that encompasses stunning looking Animated 3D, Animated 2D & Human Spokespersons (Video Pals) and eanles them to be added to ANY web-site (even sites you dont own). Also add to blogs, ecommerce sites, bonus pages, & landing pages in seconds to instantly boost sales, conversions and leads!

VideoPal tool is 100% compatible with mobile phones & smart devices. The customers can use the worlds best LIFE-LIKE Text-To-Speech technology to convey any message that boosts visitor engagement & drives sales & leads. VideoPals Worlds Best Life-Like Text-To-Speech Engine features 47 male & female voices across 24 different languages, making it flexible to convert sales anyplace around the world!

With VideoPal you can add call-to-action buttons, optin-forms, countdown timers, coupon codes and text on top of the VideoPal videos to further improve conversions & drive more sales & leads.

You can also upload your own green screen or solid background videos & convert to fully mobile compatible VideoPals in seconds. This is just the TIP of the iceberg, the VideoPal tool is packed with features that will blow your socks off!

Futuristic Text-To-Speech Technology
The main product features 47 male and female voices across 24 different languages.

Cloud Based
The software is cloud-based so there is nothing for people to install. Super easy to use.

Breakthrough Video Suite
Choose from stunning 2D/3D and human characters to instantly boost your sales and profits!

100% Mobile Compatible
This is the only VideoPal technology on the market that is compatible with all Smart Phones and mobile services.



The intuitive interface will have you creating your avatars like an expert, with zero learning curve!


Targeting a specific country or language? VideoPal enables you to create your avatar to speak any of 47 languages! You can even use the built-in auto-translation system to convert your script cleanly & professionally. Your avatars will speak to your audience in their own native language!


Simply paste in some code on your website, or use their live-link technology to instantly add VideoPal’s functionality. Their state-of-the-art app does the rest!


The more visitors you get to interact with your website rather than click away, the more leads you get. That means ultimately more clients, more sales and… more cash!


No other app gives you the power, flexibility & customizing options that VideoPal does —at ANY price!


Whether you’re on a desktop PC, tablet or even a smartphone, you can create &  manage your avatars quickly & easily — with no software installation needed.

It took serious cutting-edge development to pull that off! And all this just scratches the surface! Remember, VIDEOPAL IS 100% COMPATIBLE ON ANY DEVICE. Nothing To Down-load, Install Or Update. Ever. Their team of dedicated developers are continuously updating the app – seamlessly and behind the scenes!

This ensures VideoPal tool will always be current with the constant changes & updates by various browsers and mobile device platforms, no matter what happens. They’ll also continuously add new features & functionality based on the feedback of the users!



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Turn ANY URL or WEBPAGE Into a Stunning Animated Videos With ClipsReel

Video creation is not easy or fast! There are about ten different kind of video creation software that do pretty much the same thing, with just a few extra things here & there. BUT not having a video for your marketing on-line is shooting an arrow to your knee! (get the reference? lol)

What you want is the ability to instantly & easily create the EXACT kind of videos you need for your marketing, without spending hours or a fortune on you. No one has time to write a video script, create a storyboard, create animation (even if its point-n-click) or design video elements.

What you want, is the ability to easily turn your or publicly available content into a stunning, professional looking video with the option to add your own logos, customization based on your brand & add your message a video you can use for marketing, promotions, generating traffic…or for ads! Yeah its CLIPSREEL

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Enter a URL or paste a piece of content into the software.

Step 2: It pulls out the highlights of your content, and creates an engaging video in seconds.

Step 3: Add music, automatic voice overs, captions, logos & more to your video.

ClipsReel Comes Packed with:

VidURL Creation Technology

Simply enter any URL, your own or a public web-page & ClipsReel will use Machine Learning & it’s own Artificial Intelligence to capture relevant text from the article/page, curate it with relevant images & video clips & create a stunning video with animation & transition added to it, which then can be customized by the user as needed.

Full & Detailed Customization of Each Video

Never worry about ending up creating the same video advert as someone else. ClipsReel lets you easily customize each video as per your own needs. Change or add new images/video clips to timeline, add text, change background, add call-to-action, add voice overs, update background music, text-to-speech, subtitles and so much more.

Access to ReelImage Library

With ClipsReel you get access to our massive library of 40,000+ images that you can use in your own videos, as you like. These images are high quality & very relevant.

Access to ReelClips Library

With ClipsReel you get access to their massive library of 5,000+ background & abstract video clips as well. You can use these clips as you like, in any video you like.

Access to ReelMusic Library

Just like the images library, ClipsReel also gives you access to the background music library with over 650 background music files to select from & use in your video adverts.

Access to ReelFonts Library

Your call-to-action, your watermark & you text message is only as powerful as you present it. With 1,000 professionally selected fonts, you can now add that professional look to your texts in the video.

Add your watermark

Import your own logo or add your own text, adjust transparency & turn it into your own watermark.

Import your own background music

Want to add your own audio or music? With ClipsReel you can easily do that too.

Use our Text-To-Speech with 50 voices

Hate doing voice-overs? Just past your script or text & ClipsReel will convert the text into high quality voice over with 50 voices to select from.

Create Square videos with header & footer text for Facebook

Turn any video into a square video with top & bottom where you can add your own text, FB reaction icons & customize it as you like. These type of videos are very powerful when shared on FB.

Select Video Quality to render your video into.

While exporting, select whichever quality you want your video to be. Helps create videos for web or for playing on bigger screens. Even export your videos as GIF images.

Cloud Based. Nothing to down-load

ClipsReel is a cloud-based application. There’s nothing to down-load or install or configure. Simply login to your accounts & start creating videos and sharing them in minutes.

Advanced Tracking and stats

Track your data & see which video sharing site or which video is getting you more clicks, more traffic & more customers so you can replicate the same over and over again on multiple sites & scale.

100% whitehat & approved software

ClipsReel is a 100% whitehat video adverts creation app and in no ways violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.

SyVID Integration

ClipsReel comes with SyVID integration as well. This means you can seamlessly push your video adverts into your SyVID account & start sharing them on 8 different video sites & 15 different social networks to get more viral traffic, leads & sales.

Established & Evergreen product

With over 50+ beta testers & 4 months in research & development, ClipsReel is a stable product that is here to stay for a long run and bring in recurring commissions for you.



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World’s First Visual Custom 3D Avatar Builder For Leveraging The Business

avatar13D Avatars are simple, elegant and astonishingly captivating. They command attention and hold it till the end of the video! Produce superior and impressive videos in minutes and stand out from the crowd. Put your video marketing on steroids with futuristic 3D avatars and next-generation animated videos…

We finally cracked the code to successfully fuse 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence and Multilingual video technologies into ONE groundbreaking video app! AvatarBuilder is totally unique and stacked with industry leading features not available in any other app!

This is GUARANTEED to convert and put some HUGE commissions in your pocket on launch date. In addition to all the first-t0-market features we are also giving away UNLIMITED lifetime access for a low one-time price! Custom-make your own 3D avatar for any marketing goal to convey your message to the masses and grow your brand in a fun and engaging way.

You have total control over the customization process. Change the colours and look of clothing, hair, skin, accessories and select from a wide variety of props like eyeglasses, shoes, watches, vests and more for unlimited design possibilities. Build a perfect 3D avatar spokesperson for your brand to fascinate, entertain and get you incredible results!

AvatarBuilder Demo Video

Automatically turn ANY text into a stunning video with machine learning AI. The AI automates HOURS of work for you. Within seconds the Artificial Intelligence Engine…No editing, design skills or technical experience needed.

* Converts your text into stunning video scenes with text effects/animations.
* Produces voice overs with our award-winning text-to-speech
* And builds a mesmerizing video in a flash.

Choose from a wide variety of 3D avatar spokespersons representing different age groups, ethnicities, professions and backgrounds to deliver your message to the masses. Avatars are simple, elegant and astonishingly captivating. They command attention and hold it till the end of the video!  Make a memorable, breathtaking impact on your audience without being on camera yourself.

Avatar Builder gives you UNLIMITED access to all the multilingual technologies to convert global audiences and reach 10x more customers! With a single click you perfectly  lip-sync any voice with the 3D avatars and get them to speak in any languages! Make your videos more engaging than ever and attract more customers without the need for expensive voice artists or language translation experts!

  • Visual Avatar Builder
  • Artificial Intelligence Scene Creator
  • Disney & Pixar Style 3D Avatars
  • Thousands of Ready-Made Video Templates
  • Logo Mapping Technology
  • Open-Canvas Custom Video Maker
  • Award Winning Text-to-Speech
  • 1-Click Language Translation
  • Millions of Image & Video Assets
  • Built-in Copyright Free Music Library
  • 720P HD Videos
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • 6 Minutes Max Video Length
  • Commercial License
  • Drag-and-Drop Mockup Videos
  • Sell The Videos
  • Facebook Group Access
  • Skype Mentorship Group Access
  • 8 Week Training Webinars

Import your own media or select from millions of copyright-free high quality image and video assets to level up your videos. Pexels, Pixabay integrations make it easy to find media that will elevate your videos and deliver results!


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