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Progress Ahead? Hopes For China Trade Progress Rise, Putting Markets On Solid Footing

A long weekend looms, but before that, there’s a lot to digest. Perhaps topping the list is the latest scuttlebutt around trade with China (see more below). Netflix earnings also rank high, with shares down 3% in pre-market trading after a Q4 revenue miss….


Simple SAR Indicator – An Accurate Indicator Delivers Winning Trades in 5 Minutes Without Any Technical Analysis

With all of the different markets to trade it is to no surprise that just one strategy alone can be hard to make money with consistently. The single strategy approach may win from time to time but ultimately it may break down and you…

Forex Power Indicator Strategy Training

The FX Power Indicator gives you the TRUE strength of each individual currencies to you can find the absolute best trades. Discover… Instantly know which Currencies are the strongest and weakest Take advantage of the most powerful and consistent trends across multiple time frames You will…

Why Leading Indicators in Ecommerce Are the Key to Success & How to Find Them

Metrics and analytics can be confusing. So, amidst all the trends and jargon, let’s consider a very straightforward train of thought … clouds mean rain. Of course, it’s not always a one-for-one equation, but clouds — whether you know the difference between nimbus, cumulonimbus,…

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