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ORU Marketplace:

ORU allows you to send/receive funds in over 170+ Countries. There’s an initial $34.34 fee, which includes your own ORU Visa Card, and then just $5.95/mo with no additional fees. When you submit your Support Ticket to request a Cashout, please provide your ORU Username and your Full Name as listed at ORU.



BTC Fees are very high, especially sending to Countries outside the USA. I sent $20.00 to a member in Russia, another to a member in Canada, and the BTC was just over $9.00 for EACH! Therefore, there is a $9.00 Transfer Fee deducted from your Cashout Amount to help offset those fees. When you submit your Support Ticket to request a Cashout, please provide your BTC Wallet Receive Address.


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PS Click Power

One of the simple things that will set *PS Click Power* apart is that members do not receive emails from other members at all.

This is something that will end up being very refreshing for those members that already have memberships to 20, 30+ sites..

Members will be incentivized to view and click ads because we’ll have a module in place so that anyone that clicks more than 50 ads in a day will be entered into a drawing to win cool prizes like credits, banners, text ads or even CASH!

Prizes will be added into the member’s account and members will be notified by email when they win.

Members can win more than once per month and can qualify every day just by clicking on at least 50 ads in 24hrs!

*Build your list
*Get free ads
*Get free traffic from other people’s emails!

Watch this video for simple instructions:

Banner Ads & Text Links Show To All Members On The Login Page

Also To All Members In The Members Area..

PLUS to All Visitors To The Main Page!

Normally If You Were To Buy This Many Banner Ads & Text Links It Would Cost You A Whopping $8,000.

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You’ll Get 100 Banner Ads & 100 Text Links With 4,000 Impressions Each For Just $37! That’s It..

If You Know The Value Of Long-Term Advertising, I Know You Want This Offer.


ITraffic X – Brand New Software Gets You FREE, Unlimited Buyer Traffic To Any Offer In 52 Seconds Or Less

The traffic we were getting worked great, but it still took a little time and effort to get it flowing…To make it even easier to get all the free traffic we needed so we could scale our online income fast and easily we created a simple software to automate the traffic!  Revolutionary newbie-friendly software gets you FREE converting traffic to any website or offer in just 52 seconds or less. Want to take the free traffic you’re getting and make as much money as possible? We’ll show you EXACTLY how to start banking cash today…The included video training teaches you take the free traffic you’re getting and turn it into money in your pocket right away. For the first few buyers, we’ve decided to include our agency licence (worth $497) absolutely free. This means you can use iTraffic X for UNLIMITED clients and charge them $497-$997 for just a few minutes of very simple work….Read more

SigmaTraffic – Cheap Website Traffic With 6000 Hits Every Month Using Powerful Bounce Rate Control


We’re an affiliate website, that means that we’re not producing the traffic ourselves but reselling our vendor and along with paid account the vendor provides free ones with limited amount of traffic. We make money on those clients who want more traffic and are ready to pay for it. You’re welcome to stay on free account as long as you want. We guarantee that all the traffic you will see in your own Google Analytics. In case you use any other traffic counters please do it at your own risk. You can choose any kind of traffic you need, make it social, organic, referral or just leave it to be direct. It is automated traffic, we use real web browsers with automation to create it, it means the traffic looks like real human traffic just doesn’t make purchases. We guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics………

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Traffic Robot – Drive Unlimited FREE Traffic To Any Website or Offer In Less Than 60 Seconds At The Touch of A Button

Brand new, newbie friendly cloud based traffic generation software that enables you to drive free traffic to any website or link of your choice in less than 60 seconds at the touch of a bottom. Our fantastic support team are ready to help you if you have any problems at all with the software. Simply raise a support ticket and will receive a prompt response to ensure everything runs smoothly. Like the idea of free traffic at the touch of a button but don’t know how to utilize it? No problem. Our video training teaches you how to turn the traffic into $125 per day or more, even if you’re brand new to marketing online……

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Bullet Viral Traffic – How To Get Massive TRAFFIC SPIKES Using Viral Content on Both Website & Social Channel to Bring Huge Traffic

With Bullet Viral Traffic you can Automatically find and post viral content multiple times a day so you can relax while your website works for you, Automate integration between Facebook and Twitter and your web site so all your marketing channels grow each other at the same time.Monetize traffic in any way you wish with easy integration of CPA and affiliate offers, sponsored posts, AdWords and much more. Automatically generate TARGETED content add both general AND niche focused so your audience begs for more…..

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Discover How Ex High School Teacher Who Made Over $208.98 Per Day With Instant Buyer Traffic

Inside Instant Buyer Traffic, you’ll discover a never-before-seen method that will show you how to get the best converting traffic you’ll ever find online for FREE…and you’ll also get my battle-tested, 100% PROVEN method for turning that free traffic into average daily paydays of $200, or more

This is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step video training course that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to Get FREE BUYER TRAFFIC and replicate how I make $208.98 per day with this simple method

Because my ultimate goal with this is to solve your traffic problems forever and make it easy for you to finally make a solid, consistent online income in your spare time, the training is so easy to follow a could do this… literally.

Traffic Treasury – Discover The Underground Secrets To Generating A Flood Of Unstoppable FREE Targeted Traffic To Your Website


On this page sits the truth seeker’s stone of effective visitors era techniques. From social advertising, SEO, article advertising, press releases and viral advertising, you will have an entire motion plan, in your palms, guiding you every step of the way.
Each module is designed to work fast, so you can begin to enjoy consequences in a very brief amount of time. I realize how frustrating it is to work difficult simplest to be compelled to wait patiently for outcomes. Those techniques are centered ONLY on fast, high powered outcomes.

Here is simply some of what you may study.

*Four easy however effective elements to make certain that your internet site keeps forcing in site visitors long after it is initial release! (these are surefire methods of retaining up the momentum and driving in constant visitors)
*The simple trick to implement into EVERY visitor’s approach to make certain that your visitors are HUNGRY consumers! There’s no feel in flooding your servers and chewing up bandwidth with site visitors that aren’t inquisitive about making a purchase.
*How to take advantage of the opposition to immediately generate top key phrases on your listing AND how to installation your marketing campaigns so you are within the lead. Each single time.
*Vital factors that you NEED to recognize earlier than you ever use article advertising and marketing, search engine marketing or social advertising as a technique of jump-starting a website! (It’s important which you recognize this)
*How to set up computerized site visitors funnels so as to go out and fetch shoppers for you, on a daily basis! You can installation a complete traffic system on car pilot in case you observe this brief-begin action plan!
*Discover how to use the power of words to power traffic on your website while exploiting hypnotic marketing procedures to convert visitors into instant customers!
*How to (legally) steal pinnacle seek engine rankings while beefing up your position, permanently! From on website search engine marketing to killer off-website SEO strategies, you’ll be prepared with the whole lot you need to know to flood your website with rather centered, natural traffic!
*How to preserve a consistent pulse on your marketplace and find out what merchandise will promote long before your opposition has a clue (that is an effective strategy utilized by the “pinnacle dogs” to perceive and dominate the hottest markets on a line, well in advance of anyone else)!
*Success strategies of the giants. From press releases to viral advertising and marketing, it is all blanketed. Simply download the module of your choice, and comply with along as I show you precisely how to mirror the most successful advertising and marketing campaigns on-line!
You’ve probably had so much vain, previous and misguided records filed down your throat, that it’s a wonder you’re still even willing to provide it some other hazard. But if you take movement proper now, and comply with a solid, systematic action plan to continually producing highly focused traffic, you will by no means must spend another day of your life struggling to piece the puzzle collectively, or looking ad infinitum for that “magic bullet” again.





Tribe Traffic Mastery


Tribe Traffic Mastery is your complete Attraction Marketing training program teaching you *exactly* how-to BRAND yourself online to become a magnetic marketer earning multiple streams of income from your team.

Then leverage your team to drive massive traffic back to your team site using Social Media… and all work together to build your downline faster! Easily expose your message to over 14,000 brand NEW prospects each time you put out an awesome piece of content…

People join people… and follow people from opportunity to opportunity! here’s a very specific process to BRANDING yourself in such a way that literally compels people to follow, join and buy from YOU no matter which opportunity you promote.

All the top Networker Marketers position themselves as the EXPERT first, then lead people into different programs earning multiple streams of income…This really is the PERFECT compliment to building your Team Site…

Imagine your team growing, your BRAND growing, your income growing and your confidence growing all at the same time…That’s what Tribe Traffic Mastery will do for YOU!

Here’s What’s Included In Your Special Offer

Fast Track Module #1: The Quest
(Your 50,000 ft Level)

The QuestDuring this training, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the BIG picture, how all the parts fit together and how the complete SALES funnel works in your Network Marketing business… (This will enable you get 100% clear and focused on what it is you NEED to do next in your business…)

You’ll learn how-to SQUEEZE every last drop of cash from your prospects in a 100% ethical manner… while simultaneously solving their problems and HELPING them get EXACTLY what they want & need…

Be seen as the EXPERT in your industry & once you understand the tribe leader mentality you’ll have raving fans chasing you & throwing money at you to help them as if you were some kind of sensational new POP band…

You’ll learn:

  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel: discover exactly how the WHOLE sales funnel fits together in your MLM business to earn multiple sources of income…
  • The Tribe Traffic Mastery Model: Uncover the 9-keys to creating a hypnotic brand online which forces prospects to recognize you as a irresistible leader…
  • The Multiple Income Streams Consultative Approach: how-to give prospects EXACTLY what they need, help them with their problems, recommend solutions and earn multiple sources of income in the process…
  • The Tools & Training You Need: Get access to my personal ROLODEX of specific tools & training you need to MAXIMIZE your status as a team leader & short-cut the learning curve…

Total Value of Module =Fast Track Module #2: The Target
(Get Laser Focused)

The TargetLearn how to ‘hone in like a bird-of-prey’ on your EXACT target market & discover their pains, problems, challenges, and desires so you can give them EXACTLY what they need…

(Yes, that’s the same group of RAVING FANS who will throw money at you like you’re some kind of sensational new POP band…)

You’ll learn how to take that ‘intelligence’ you’ve just gathered, develop a large FAN base, create a ‘meeting place’ for them to hangout, provide them with solutions, & take your commission for being their consultant & leader…

As soon as you get this right… you’ll hit GOLD & your Network Marketing business will grow like crazy! Why?

Because these EXACT same fans will comment on your content, share and like your stuff, visit your site daily, help take your message VIRAL, buy your products, join your MLM business & become walking testimonials for your product or service…

  • A Day Out Fishing For Prospects: learn how-to identify the exact places your perfect prospect hangs out in so you can prepare your bait, cast in your line & reel them in…
  • Your Perfect Customer Avatar Template: this is it.. the cheat sheet to rule them all… there are 14 SPECIFIC questions you need to ask yourself in order to get 100% clear to understand what your prospect wants…
  • The 3 Deepest Needs That ‘Drive’ Their Buying Decisions: you need to know these 3 things to ‘perfect your pitch’. Miss any of them & you might struggle to build a following
  • Implement The 15-min Consultation Process: Learn how-to funnel your perfect prospect, capture their details, identify their problems, give them your solution & take your commission for being their ‘consultant’. (They’ll thank you for it by being your raving fan & buying from you time and time again…)

Total Value of Module =Fast Track Module #3: The Teacher
(Lead Your Tribe)

3-copyImagine what it would feel like to JUMP out of bed first thing in the morning & go to work on your PASSION to help other people and make a true difference in the world? Everything you do reflects what you LOVE & enjoy doing most…

Because you’re FOCUSED on your passion, you’ve also found your perfect niche online… which means you’re able to tailor your message specifically to hit your prospects wants, needs and desires…

When you put out a blog post, update, link, video, or conversation you have an avalanche of people clicking through to come to your site…

You become a role-model and instantly you become the ‘Go-To’ expert in your niche.

You become the researcher & reporter in your niche… and because of that you know exactly where to find EXCITING & irresistible content for your posts, videos & status updates quickly so you’re not wasting your time searching…

People see you as the person who knows ALL the answers & they talk about you all over the web…

The credibility, likeability and authority that comes with this is priceless

  • Identify Your Passion Fast: understand the 9-easy questions you MUST ask yourself to find out what you LOVE to do, so you can build your BRAND & raving fan base around it online… (when you do what you LOVE for a ‘job’ all your worries vanish into thin air…)
  • Define Your Perfect Niche: how-to use this 3-step approach to match your message specifically to your target markets problems, pains, challenges & desires to build your ‘rock star’ like status…
  • The #1 Trait That Will Make or Break Your Business: If you don’t have this quality then your fans will NOT like you or trust you and they’ll see right through you as a FAKE & as an imposter. They’ll be off looking for another team leader who does have this trait.
  • Become The ‘Go-To’ Expert in Your Niche: Learn how-to use the ‘finely tuned’ & highly paid skills of a journalist to become an ‘in-demand’ researcher and reporter. (Get this right and your fans will hang on every last word you say)

Total Value of Module =Fast Track Module #4: The Tools
(Build Your Brand)

4-copyAs the saying goes… Rome wasn’t built in a day! It took time to craft… perfection, planning and precision at it’s finest. That’s what you’re doing here..

So now you KNOW how it all fits together. You’ve zoned in on your target market, and know exactly what it is you’re teaching to grow your tribe.. it’s time to set-up the foundations for your new EMPIRE & prepare your tools of the trade…

Imagine being able to instantly and effortlessly attract your perfect prospects into your funnel because you’ve carefully crafted yourself and your message in such a way that compels them to ‘do business’ with you…

Now it’s time to set-up your system to pump HUNGRY, desperate fans into your funnel.

  • Carefully Craft Your ‘Magnetic Character’: become irresistible & learn how-to leverage your unique skills and abilities to instantly attract your prospects
  • Set-Up Your Magnificent 7: learn how-to integrate your ‘satellite channels’ so your funnel feeds itself with fresh targeted traffic while you sleep!
  • Instant Attraction: learn how-to make a striking IMPACT in 30 seconds or less so your perfect prospect recognises YOU as an INSTANT authority.
  • The Perfect Killer Capture Page: implement this 5-step-formula to create the perfect killer capture page & opt-in offer to SUCK in brand new prospects 24/7.

Total Value of Module = Fast Track Module #5: The Tribe
(Inspire Others)

5-copyFind & identify your ‘fellowship’ in order to LEVERAGE each others talents to help each of you EXPLODE your traffic, brand and business online…

By working together with 6 other people, you’ll be able to reach and IMPACT brand new prospects who’ll become your raving fans…

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

If you can then create a platform that brings ‘like minded’ people together… and then HELP them get exactly what they want by providing solutions to their problems, pains and challenges… then YOU can have anything YOU want in the world…

Build it & they will come!

  • Assemble Your Fellowship & Prepare to Lead: how-to assemble a team of like-minded people to help take your message viral & to reach 14,000+ new prospects on a weekly basis
  • Create Your Meeting Place: What are the specific factors you need to know to BIND your fans, followers & tribe together in such a way that compels them to listen to you, follow you, join your list, join your business & buy your stuff?
  • Identify Your Ambassadors: in order for your community & tribe to GROW fast… you’ll quickly need to identify your CORE group of members who will be your walking messengers and hold your community together like glue.
  • Inspire Others With Your Vision: by learning to integrate the 6-human emotional needs into your reason WHY… you’ll learn how to inspire, persuade & influence people at a deep emotional level which will help them get to know, like & trust you & wanting to work with you forever… (unless you violate the #1 trait that will make or break your business from module 3.

Total Value of Module =Fast Track Module #6: The Techniques
(Influence & Persuade)

6-copyYour tribe, followers, and fans are REAL human beings who react in a very predictable way especially when you speak directly to their CORE being in an emotionally appealing way.

That means it’s possible to literally get anybody to do anything, anywhere you want, any time you want… especially when you integrate a few hidden persuasion techniques into your marketing…

If you want your fans to take ACTION, you absolutely MUST learn what drives & motivates them…

To top it all off, you then stack the techniques on top of each other, learn the words, phrases, commands, call’s to action and patterns to mobilise your tribe… to help perpetuate your message… and persuade and influence your tribe

Of course, you can ONLY persuade people to your way of thinking if it’s 100% in alignment with their core values…

  • Get Anybody To Do Anything! Yes, there’s an EXACT science to persuasion & influence… and if you don’t yet know how to ‘call-at-will’ the 6 weapons of persuasion & influence, you’ve been leaving money on the table for a LONG time…
  • The 7-Stage Stack For Instant Persuasion (Weapons Applied) now you understand your 6 weapons of influence, take them and integrate them into your marketing…)
  • Spice Up Your Message For Maximum IMPACT: if you don’t know the specific formula to make your message ooze sex appeal yet, then this may excite you
  • Write To The Core (The 6-Human Emotional Drivers): Learn exactly recipe to communicate with your fans & followers and have them eating from the palm of your hand, begging you to take their credit card details…

Total Value of Module = Fast Track Module #7: The Tactics
(Viral Blueprint)

7-copyIt takes time to build a business online… so by working out what content to post, when to post it and how to post it in advance, and then creating a system to post it… it helps save you a bunch of time you could be spending elsewhere…

Your marketing is a process you need to perfect in a sequential order… so your goal is to get your fans, followers and tribe to A) read your headlines, B) read your teaser content C) click on the link, D) comment and share E) opt-in to your list & join your raving fan base, F) buy your stuff G) join your business…

…and there is ONLY one way to do this…

Trigger their nosey gene every step of the way…

Yes, that’s right… everybody has a nosey gene… and in order to get them take action, you need to learn precisely how-to trigger it.

That’s what you’re going to learn here…

  • The 5-Day Web 2.0 Content Domination Strategy: copy this exact blueprint (cheat sheet) to tell you exactly what to post, and when to post it… (just by having this at your fingertips can save you hours of wasted effort…)
  • The 7-Master Skills to Become a Wildly Successful Marketer: these skills complement each other, turn you into a pro marketer who can command 6-7 figures per year or even per month… (but you MUST be a master at these disciplines…)
  • The kick-Ass Curiosity Approach: Learn exactly how-to trigger people’s nosey gene to get them to do what ever you want…

Total Value of Module = Fast Track Module #8: The Traffic
(Free & Viral)

8-copyAll traffic costs you something. Either your time or your money… it’s 100% true that the #1 FASTEST way to build and scale your business online is by using PAID traffic… BUT, that’s NOT what this course is about…

This course is about YOU creating a powerful and empowering reason why, and message that absolutely compels your raving fans to help spread your message automatically, without them EVER having to think about it…

So, that every time you post a piece of content… it gets picked up, commented on, shared, liked and spread virally across the web & as a result of that, you end up with hundreds of new fans, followers, tribe members, opt-in’s and … income in your pocket…

  • The Unstoppable SNOWBALL Effect (Viral Group Builder): this strategy works incredibly well to encourage your fans to invite their friends to your group to help EXPLODE your brand… (there’s an exact SCIENCE to this and 3 things you MUST do to make sure it works to full potential!)
  • The 9-Step Facebook Viral Video Formula: master the viral aspect of Facebook and easily generate 10+ leads per day just by using this ONE blueprint…

Total Value of Module Fast Track Module #9: The Tracking
(Monitor Your Metrics)

9-copyNot getting opt-in’s? Not making sales? Not making money? NO… then there is ONE big reason…

Your message needs a rapid REVAMP… because part of it IS ineffective…

But, which part needs revamping? Well, you’re NEVER going to know if you aren’t tracking each stage of your marketing are you..?

You might be falling at the first hurdle… and people aren’t even reading your headline… which of course means, they don’t read your content or even click on your link… so how will they EVER opt-in or join your business?

…& even WORSE… how are you ever supposed to know this unless you’ve set your TRACKING up correctly…

That’s what you’ll learn here…

  • Hello… Is Anybody There? (who’s actually reading your content?): if you’re making ZERO money, then it might be because your copywriting is BAD… but you’ll ONLY know when you track your clicks…
  • Opt-in’s, Killer Subject Lines & Click Tracking: great… you’re getting opt-in’s but now what? there’s a specific method to getting people to take ACTION after they’ve read your emails… which means more MONEY! Hooray… just understand the specific method
  • 2107 Fan-Page Fans Great! (Zero Interaction… Bad!): total fans on a fan page is POINTLESS… it’s the interaction, community and viral reach of your page that matters…
  • “Great Blog Post…” (Thanks & Goodbye): Sell the sizzle, not the sausage… STOP giving away ‘the farm’… value is important BUT if you give away ALL your content for FREE on your blog, then you’ll NEVER make money… learn why in this module…

Now continue to our download page to see the training video

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