9 Productivity Experts on Twitter Who Will Actually Help You Get More Done

As we all know, there are lots of ways that social media can make you less productive and more unhappy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Used thoughtfully, the likes of Twitter and Facebook can also be a source of meaningful connection to smart people who can support your efforts to be more successful.

That includes your personal connections, but also experts who use Twitter to spread their ideas and help followers get more done. The blog of team productivity tool I Done This recently sifted through the self-promoters and time wasters to identify “the best productivity coaches and experts–people who are actually worth your hard-earned time.”

The complete list, including detailed information on each coach, is well worth a look, but here’s a sampling for you to check out to see whether any of these folks can help you reach your goals.

1. Tim Ferriss​

No surprise here. The 4-Hour Workweek author “is likely the first person you thought of when you saw the title of this post,” concedes I Done This, but Tim Ferriss is popular for a reason. His advice actually helps and inspires people. His podcast is great too. Follow him at @tferriss.

2. Craig Jarrow

Craig Jarrow, founder of Time Management Ninja, gets the thumbs up from I Done This because “unlike many other productivity gurus, Jarrow’s goal isn’t to entrap you in complex strategies that only he can help you implement. Instead, he focuses on building a set of empowering skills and habits that grant you more control over how you spend your time.” Follow him at @TMNinja. 

3. David Allen

David Allen is “well known for his book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, which spawned the now widely known GTD model,” explains I Done This. Follow him at @gtdguy or @gtdtimes. 

4. Pierrette Abeel​

Pierrette Abeel’s unique approach focuses “not only on internal habits but also external spaces. She writes articles about organizing your office and cleaning up your inbox, as well as how to build good, productive behaviors,” notes I Done This. “She offers a five-day productivity challenge you can sign up for on her homepage to get started.” Follow her at @ProductivityDC.

5. Grace Marshall

If you’re naturally disorganized, Grace Marshall might be the productivity guru for you. Not only do her own messy tendencies inform her approach, but “she’s a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and a DiSC-certified trainer,” I Done This points out. Follow her at @GraceMarshall.

6. Brittany Berger

Looking for a productivity coach who doesn’t paper over the dark side of ambition? Try Brittany Berger. “Productivity coaches so often call on us to work harder or smarter, but few acknowledge the realities of fatigue, depression, and anxiety,” says I Done This. “Her pitch is to instead focus on working ‘brighter,’ meaning that you define productivity in a way that works for you.” Follow her at @thatbberg. 

7. Alexandra Cavoulacos​

“Alexandra Cavoulacos is the co-founder of the Muse and co-author of The New Rules of Work. She writes about careers, management, productivity, and entrepreneurship,” says I Done This. Follow her at @acav. 

8. Phoebe Gavin

“Gavin’s audience is primarily Millennial women, and her content focuses on getting people through the doldrums of their mid- to late-20s,” says I Done This, so check her out if you’re looking for tips on conquering your quarter-life crisis. Follow her at @betterwphoebe.  

9. Laura Vanderkam

A big advocate of logging your time, Laura Vanderkam has written a host of helpful books and also given a TED Talk that’s been viewed by millions. “You can find more resources on her website, where she also blogs regularly,” notes I Done This. Follow her at @lvanderkam. 

Check out the original I Done This post for a lot more info and 10 more productivity experts to follow.

By: By Jessica Stillman Contributor,

Source: 9 Productivity Experts on Twitter Who Will Actually Help You Get More Done


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