How To Sell Any Products From Licensed Niche Channels Through EyeSlick

How do you bridge the gap between wanting to leverage social media sites and getting your affiliate offers in front of them, or selling your ecom products, getting more local clients .Well W’ve been thinking about that over the last few years and what we are about to show you is something that bridges the gap and makes making money online as simple as it can possibly be …

The ultimate vTail platform to ready to turn anyone into a wildly successful video marketer, online coach, affiliate marketer, product creator, local business marketer or whatever it is you want to be!

With EyeSlick you simply can:

  • Your own “vTail” channels in any niche on the hottest new video social eCommerce platform!
  • Import videos from YouTube and fill your channel with creative commons content
  • Click and go live from your computer or phone, or upload pre-recorded videos
  • Sell  physical or digital products… or even click a button and sell your own time by the minute for online coaching in your fieldrom your computer or phone

Products are live in moments!  Beautifully delivered and managed inside eyeSlick. 

Receive rewards (including cash!) when you post great content, earning without even selling!

6 months of inbuilt traffic with our fully funded traffic syndicate (10% of eyeSlick’s profits are re-invested in paid advertising to send YOU traffic)

Listing a product is simple to do. Just click, add your description and choose your price.  Your product is live and available in our marketplace. No messing around with merchant accounts or getting approval. You’re live and ready to sell anything from your digital course, to your kid’s old bicycle in under 60 seconds. This works for digital product owners, or even dropshippers with all the info you need available in your dashboard.

You can use eyeSlick to upload your videos or create on the fly … and sell entire courses or playlists you create. Sell exclusive rights to them for a higher ticket price, or sell to the masses similar mega-sites like Udemy

If you’re a coach or someone who can offer tutoring, or anyone who just knows a bit more than the next guy … you’ll love this feature!  Set your price per minute and choose when you want to be available.  eyeSlick will automatically deposit the money into your account in real time, as you’re live on the call.

Get Paid Even When You’re Not Selling. Your viewers have the option to leave tips for you, so even if you don’t list a single product eyeSlick can still earn you cash! Want to build your channels with YouTube videos?  Simply copy and paste the video URL and we’ll import the videos, title, description.  All you need to do is decide how you want it to then go ahead and start making you money!

All sales are processed through our eyeSlick account, so money is automatically taken from your customer and placed into your eyeSlick account in real time. When you want to withdraw your money, request and it’s yours within 3-5 business days.



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CourseReel The Creating Video Courses Just By Talking Or Repurposing Others

Orbis Research reports that the e-learning market is expected to grow to $275 billion by 2022 and most of the providers are using video as the medium for their courses. Udemy’s marketplace sells video courses to the masses and their net worth is close to 1 billion dollars!

The online education provider Coursera (who uses videos as a big part of their training) is also now worth 1 billion dollars!Victor Bastos launched his first course on Udemy in 2012 going on to later generate over one million dollars in sales. Since then Victor has created his own successful platform, Onclick Academy, to deliver his expanding portfolio of online video courses.

Gabby Wallace transitioned from being a classroom-based English teacher to traveling the world producing online video courses for English language learners. Her popular YouTube channel has generated over 11 million views and nearly a quarter of a million subscribers. Her success propelled her to create her own course on teaching others how to create video courses too!

If you’re not proficient at planning, shooting, editing and creating videos, you’ll only continue to stumble in the dark when it comes to creating video courses that bring in the cash. Now, I’m not talking about your typical mom and pop video tutorial where they just learned how to use their brand new smartphone.

Anyone can create that. I’m talking about the kind of videos that teach people a subject that makes them line up with their credit card in hand, falling over one another, begging for you to take their money.These videos courses, while insanely profitable, can suck the life out of you when it comes to creating them.

Some video apps tell you that they create HD video, but it’s only in 480p. Sheesh. That’s so 2006. That’s why we’ve bumped up CourseReel to deliver you true HD quality for every single video you create inside the app. This way your videos look crisp and amazing without your prospects having to squint at the screen!

You’ll also have the ability to pump out 100 videos a week with CourseReel. That’s normally 400 videos a month or even 5,200 videos in a year! Wow!You might think that’s a bit too much, but when you see how easy it is to create videos and video courses with CourseReel, you’ll be glad we give you this many video exports.

And because you can create videos fast with CourseReel, you’ll become a true video course creating machine in no time!

CourseReel truly is a one stop shop when it comes to turning audio into video. That’s why you won’t have to fiddle about with any other audio software if you don’t want to. It’s as simple as clicking the record button in CourseReel and letting CourseReel do the rest.

Once you’re done, CourseReel will give you a transcribed version of your audio that you can now use to create a video inside of CourseReel. Although you could record your audio inside of CourseReel, there’s also an option to upload any audio files you may have as well. Just think of the possibilities here. If you have old podcasts, or any other audio recordings just sitting, you could use these to create brand new videos that bring in traffic and sales!

CourseReel allows you 200 minutes of transcription for all your videos on our lighting fast servers. This is more than enough for some.But just in case you need more power and want to surpass that 200 minute limit, CourseReel also allows you to connect your Google API directly and this way you can create as many videos as you want without any restrictions…..

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Udemy Strategy




7 is a platform or marketplace for online learning. Unlike academic Massive Open Online Course programs driven by traditional collegiate coursework, Udemy provides a platform for experts of any kind to create courses which can be offered to the public, either at no charge or for a tuition fee. Udemy provides tools which enable users to create a course, promote it and earn money from student tuition charges.

No Udemy courses are currently credentialed for college credit; its students take courses largely as a means of improving job-related skills. Some courses generate credit toward technical certification. Udemy has made a special effort to attract corporate trainers seeking to create coursework for employees of their company. It is reported that Udemy has served over 5 million students, and offers more than 22,000 course alternatives.




These are the comments by the great business guru companies about Udemy

1. Introduction to Udemy
2. Implementing the Infinity Income Strategy
3. Selecting Your Profile Name
4. Niche Research the Right Way
5. SEO – The Udemy Way
6. Keyword Research Like No Other
7. Bio Construction that Sells You as an Authority
8. Course Creation Overview
9. Course Construction Research
10. How to Turn Students into Email List Long Term Customers
11. Course Development from Scratch
12. Sound Quality is Important
13. Video Quality is a Must!
14. How to Create a Udemy Sales Video
15. How to Create Your Compelling Sales Description to Attract the Masses
16. Uploading to Udemy
17. Trouble Shooting Udemy
18. Outsourcing Course Creation
19. Creating Traffic Videos
20. Partnering with Authorities in Your Selected Niche
21. How to Create Your Custom Brand Logo
22. Out to Create Video Intros and Outros
23. How to Create Your Brand Identity
24. Your Social Identity – It’s Important
25. How to Create Your Brand Website
26. How to Build Hype for Your Courses
27. Udemy Coupons and How to Properly Use Them So You Gain, Not Lose!
28. The Earnings Strategy 101
29. The Bonus Earning Strategy – How to Do it Fast! (not Udemy but using same content)
30. Introduction to the Udemy Marketing Strategy
31. Getting the Media Involved
32. The Power of Reviews and Why
33. Giving Udemy What They Need
34. How to Use YouTube to Sell Your Udemy Products
35. Social Media- The Viral Way!
36. The Viral Marketing Strategy
37. The Follow-Up – Interaction is Key!
38. How to Host Live Training Events and Why
39. Keep Adding and The Monthly Update
40. The Value of Skype
41. Money Making Strategy #3 for Higher Long Term Earnings
42. How 30 Courses Will Make You Wealthy
43. Rinse and Repeat
44. The Conclusion
45. All the Resources to Find What you Need
46. The Student History of Chat from the Early Bird Releases in February and March with hours of valuable information.
47. The PDF Training Guides for Fast Reference
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