WP Video Bot

The video posts created by the standard Version of the software consist of a video and optionally the video description copied from YouTube. The drawback with this solution is that search engines will see your blog posts as exactly what they are – duplicates of the original YouTube pages. In addition, YouTube video descriptions are often very weak, both as readable content and as keyword related content. So while the pages are great as “sticky” visitor content, they are unlikely to rank highly in the search engines, unless you manually edit the descriptions. The main purpose of the text is to provide content for search engines – and this solution provides an easy way to create a unique, niche-targeted page. The Word Press plugin and the Video Gold theme are licensed for use on an unlimited number of blogs, so you can use it on every blog you own, without paying any extra. This app enables you: Auto post YouTube videos to your blog based on your keywordsCreate posts dated in the future or the past, Optionally include comments copied from YouTube, Copy descriptions from YouTube OR use article snippetsShow thumbnails on blog home page for fast loadingUse on all your blogs at no extra cost and Includes Video Gold premium WordPress theme.


Example of a Video Bot Creator



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