iViral X Viral Traffic Creator

iViral X is our bespoke viral traffic generation tool that we have personally created to drive real viral visitors and buyers to any website (or affiliate link) of our choice, automatically, in less than 60 seconds. The tool is dead simple but mind blowingly effective.

All automatically, in less than 60 seconds iViral X is a traffic generation monster. Our software is hosted online so you don’t need to install anything on your computer, phone or tablet. All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you’re good to go…

Everyone wants to ‘go viral’ because it means likes, shares, huge exposure and traffic. Our software finds content that is already viral and utilises it for your gain. It’s simple but tremendously effective

While paid traffic is fantastic, there’s no better feeling than generating targeted traffic for free. If you purchase iViral X, you will never have to pay for traffic again…Given that Facebook alone has well over 1 billion daily users – and that’s just one of the social networks that iViral X utilises – we know there’s absolutely no chance of this method getting saturated…

Especially as we’re all working in different niches…  But despite that we’re only releasing this viral traffic generation monster for a limited time. We want to collaborate with a small group of like minded entrepreneurs who value the huge power this software has. We don’t want this getting into ‘everyone’s’ hands…

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Traffic Robot – Drive Unlimited FREE Traffic To Any Website or Offer In Less Than 60 Seconds At The Touch of A Button

Brand new, newbie friendly cloud based traffic generation software that enables you to drive free traffic to any website or link of your choice in less than 60 seconds at the touch of a bottom. Our fantastic support team are ready to help you if you have any problems at all with the software. Simply raise a support ticket and will receive a prompt response to ensure everything runs smoothly. Like the idea of free traffic at the touch of a button but don’t know how to utilize it? No problem. Our video training teaches you how to turn the traffic into $125 per day or more, even if you’re brand new to marketing online……

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Facebook Viral Booster


Going viral is the holy grail of content marketing and any business owner marketing their company online wants it.It can be frustrating since Facebook’s news feed algorithm so tightly controls what people see. What’s your secret for getting people to share your Facebook posts?

Our exclusive tool will allow you to boost your posts within minutes and get incredible exposure and tons of free traffic based on our very own secret sauce formula.A complete Guide to Creating Viral Marketing Content – If you want to get huge amounts of traffic to any niche. Look over our shoulder as we create viral content and get loads of free traffic from Facebook.

It is based on an SEO like algorithm for Facebook which gets free viral traffic straight from Facebook to any page, blog, video or offer that you got.

Main Features:

  • Get FREE Traffic To Your Website Or Landing Pages
  • Get Video Views, Likes, Comments and Shares, Within Seconds
  • Save Hundreds And Thousands Of Dollars On Paid Traffic
  • Discover The Secret To Viral Magnetic Posts On Facebook
  • Great For Newbies And Perfect For Experienced Marketers







SociFunnel Pro


SociFunnel lets you grab videos, customize them, and post them to popular social sites from right inside the software so there’s no tedious switching windows and copy and pasting to get free traffic for your pages and links.

Just upload SociFunnel like any other plugin to any WordPress site and you’re ready to go in minutes…Search YouTube by keyword right inside the software and filter by view count, rating, relevance, or newest and choose a video,add your own headline and tagline, then choose the link or page you want to send traffic to…and bingo!!

Post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIN in 1 click and watch the traffic pour in to YOUR link or page.SociFunnel lets you search YouTube by keyword and filter results by view count, rating, relevance, or newest to find and grab exactly the right video for what you want.

SociFunnel is superpower software for sales and affiliate commissions…quick and easy profits from FREE traffic.

SociFunnel PRO is a REAL, legal way to not just get traffic but actually steal traffic from the social content that already gets the MOST views, shares, and clicks. Then you can send that traffic anywhere you want to your opt-in pages to build your list, offer pages to make sales, or even affiliate links to earn commissions.

And it’s point-n-click simple, no list, no products, and no marketing experience required to get started in minutes. SociFunnel PRO give you powerful benefit, such as; 1] More traffic, subscribers, and sales on autopilot, 2] Legally steal traffic from popular social content, 3] Send traffic to opt-in, sales, or affiliate pages, 4] Point-n-click simple works in just a few clicks, 5] No list, product, or marketing experience needed and 6] 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


Trending Traffic


Trending is a web-based service that curates content from the top viral and news sites continually. But even better than that, it also constantly tracks social signals (likes, shares, retweets, etc) so it knows which ones are “going viral” or are at least popular.

Now you no longer need to find current or viral news – it’s brought right to you! General interest or keyword-targeted. Full autopost and manual curation modes. Trending viral posts or just solid content.

NO SOFTWARE OR PLUGINS TO WORRY ABOUT. Here at Trending Traffic, we scan the most popular sites constantly to find the best content for you to share with your audience.

We monitor over a dozen leading sites for you every day, finding stories getting massive social love. You can filter the articles by popularity/virality, posting site, keyword, and freshness, assuring the content is exactly what you need.

Take all those amazing posts and choose which ones should get posted on your sites. The content can be curated manually AND you can post it on autopilot if you want to be fully automated. Maximum flexibility that works for every site owner.

Making your visitors happy is the real goal and by sharing top quality posts with them, you’ll build a great stream of rabid followers ready to be monetized. Google also LOVES trending content and you’ll naturally pick up visitors from improved SEO rankings.

Understanding the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of viral marketing can be quite confusing. The secrets of viral content is laid out in a clear and well documented training book, ready to kickstart any marketing effort.

With all these great trending and viral posts, what else can you do to assure success? Putting the posts in a viral site theme that is proven to work removes that entire worry for every site owner.


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