ViralNugget List Builder


Viral Nugget is a viral list building program created by Darren Olander. It is a great way for members to drive traffic to their websites with little effort on their part. It can be a free advertising source that will not only increase website traffic but also allow the member to earn commissions when they refer others to the program.

The program consists of two distinctly different ways to advertise and two ways to earn credits toward that advertising.Viral Nugget offers the opportunity to send solo emails to both the entire membership and to the members personal downline. Members can email their downline every five days without using any of the mailing credits, they can also email random members every five days with mailing credits.

Members accumulate these credits by reading the solo ads from other Viral Nugget members, each solo ad received gives the reader between 7 and 20 credits.Another way to advertise is through the Viral Nugget widgets. The widget is an advertising square (like what you see with Google ads) that displays the text ads of other Viral Nugget members.

Elite member benefits include the opportunity to email 3000 random members every five days without using any mailing credits. Elite members will also receive 10,000 widget credits so that they can take advantage of the viral capabilities of the program. They will also receive as bonuses 10,000 credits to use on Build My Downline, 1000 credits to use on List Domino, 300 credits to use on List Jumper, and 20,000 credits to use on Credit Ads Depot.

This has nothing to with organization, automation, or scheduling (even though those
are helpful).. this is a totally unique method that makes sending your mails push-button easy and lightning fast


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