Virtual Helper 247


Virtual Helper 247 will assign each new client up to three full-time virtual assistants tohelp out in any way possible, including assisting those who are in the process of trying to a establish a new business or improve their existing business model.

The company provides virtual helpers who are able to build a website for a company, as well as create engaging Facebook and Twitter accounts which they will then maintain and use as a way to communicate with the company’s public audience and to bring in business.

They will also produce high-quality, search engine optimized written or video content for sites, drawing in potential customers for the target company from across the web.

Clients can choose to have one, two or three virtual helpers at their service and they will be matched with an assistant who is well-suited to meet their individual needs.

For those who just need help with light data entry or other simple tasks that would only require one assistant, the cost is amazingly affordable and breaks down to less than $100 a week.

Even users who need the use of three full-time helpers will likely be surprised to discover that this level of service is now available for under $250 weekly, a price that will enable more people than ever to enjoy the convenience of a professional assistant anytime that they need it.


For an entrepreneur or a busy start-up, virtual assistants are like lifesavers. You’ll be surprised to know that busy professionals from even some of the world ‘s most well-known companies like Google, Apple and Facebook use virtual assistants as their secret weapon to success.

If you want to save more time, increase your productivity and have more freedom, virtual assistants are the way to go. There are virtual assistants available for as little as $7.50 per hour.

Virtual assistants can do 100s of different tasks. While you may already be aware of the many tasks that virtual assistants can perform, do you know that you can also outsource marketing tasks to them?

Very often, the success or the failure of a company depends on the kind of marketing strategy it has planned and how it executes the same. Since there are multiple aspects to a marketing plan, you’ll always need assistance so that you can devote more time to the strategy and the execution part. That’s exactly where the role of ‘virtual marketing assistants’ comes into play!



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