Social Media Broke Up With News So Did Readers

Illustration by The Atlantic. Source: Getty Over the past decade, Silicon Valley has learned that news is a messy, expensive, low-margin business—the kind that, if you’re not careful, can turn a milquetoast CEO into an international villain and get you dragged in front of Congress. No surprise, then, that Big Tech has decided it’s done […]

ROI or Die: How To Master Content Marketing ROI

A content strategy is an important part of growing your business. High quality content increases your authority and demonstrates to consumers and industry leaders alike that you know your stuff. It can also boost your visibility and brand awareness through good search engine optimization practices. Investing in a content marketing strategy may be a good […]

A New Approach To Building Your Personal Brand

Lulu Dubreuil For better or worse, in today’s world everyone is a brand. Whether you’re applying for a job, asking for a promotion, or writing a dating profile, your success will depend on getting others to recognize your value. So you need to get comfortable marketing yourself. In… Much of professional and personal success depends […]

Digital Payments: The Benefits, How To Use Them In Your Business And What To Look For In A Provider

getty When inflation and interest rates soar, businesses must look closely at their spending to protect their bottom line. In my many years of experience in accounts payable and automation, I have seen a recurring pattern: A significant untapped savings opportunity lies within most companies’ accounts payable processes. The scope of payment options has expanded […]

Don’t Let Remote Work Derail Your Career: 3 Ways To Enhance Visibility

Presence and visibility enhance relationships…getty Working from home can be pretty great, but it also comes with drawbacks. In particular, your time away from the office may be a barrier to advancing your career, building relationships or landing your next promotion. Many companies are striving for presence equity—seeking to value employees and provide opportunities regardless […]