VC Splitter Pro



Are you missing out on clicks and sales due to poor quality content? Are your users not engaged with your site as much as you hoped? Are you getting traffic but not getting sales? VC Splitter solves this and more through advanced A/B Split Testing that gives you the data on what your actual visitors are interacting with and what needs to be improved.

VC Splitter Pro allows you to Naturally Create A/B Split Tests within Visual Composer, Visualize the performance of each test in terms of views, clicks and bounces, Test combinations of ANY Visual Composer Elements, even from other Addons and Improve your website by analytically determine what tests work and what needs to be improved determining the content your users prefer.

Right now you’re in the dark. You may know the overall analytics of a page, but you can’t diagnose which call to action buttons are getting your users clicking, which headings grab their attention or even what image complements your message the most.We’ve all been there, creating and managing a website is tough – but it doesn’t have to be a guessing game. VC Splitter provides to the minute insight on what users are clicking on, and what content is making them bounce.

Set up as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Simply set up your split tests, naturally within visual composer to get started. Its as easy as three mouse clicks. Then duplicate your original content to create a split test variation and modify it, see what button locations work best, what heading text, what images your users are viewing and clicking and more.

  • It takes the guessing out of website design and development and integrates naturally with the #1 Page Builder for WordPress, Visual Composer.
  • Your website will deliver one “variation” at a time to your visitors, tracking views, clicks, bounces, click through rate and bounce rate and allow you to compare what messaging works best.

Based on what variations of content work best with your targeted audience, adapt and improve your site to retain the increase in clicks, depreciation in bounces and overall better user experience.

Test what content and design works best with your visitors to capture their attention



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