WP Blazer Suite – Set & Forget WordPress Site Management With Instant Site Security


WP Blazer Suite is the latest version of a famous WordPress-managing application designed for marketers. It has a simplified dashboard so that the users can become familiar with all of its features in a short time, without any requirements or experience.

Similar to its predecessor, the software is cloud-based, it also lets the user update contents, install plug-ins, etc. for multiple websites in bulks.Furthermore, there are many improvements included in this new version, such as a virus scanner, a built-in SEO function, WP-site cloning, etc. It is a complete solution for any WP website owners.

The features are:

[+] One click bulk WordPress website updates

[+] Activate/deactivate/delete WordPress plugins/themes

[+] Easy to use central admin dashboard (SaaS Platform)

[+] Scheduled backups for your WordPress sites

[+] Instant, one click WordPress backups anytime

[+] Off-site remote backups inc. Amazon s3, FTP and Email

[+] Post new content on multiple blogs at once

[+] Approve/moderate comments for ALL blogs in one place

[+] Create new WP users instantly on multiple blogs

[+] Group your sites for easier management

[+] Bulk action tools (upgrade, install plugins/themes)

 What Will You Get from WP Blazer Suite?


WP Blazer Suite is operated on the server, so you don’t need to install the software, and you can work anywhere with any computer. Of course, a decent Internet connection is compulsory.

1-Click Action for WP Administrators

One of the selling points of this application is that it significantly reduces an administrator’s workload. With only one click, a website owner can log in all of his or her websites instantly.  You can also update and back up your WP sites with the minimal effort.

Changing Contents, Themes, Plug-ins in Bulks

One of the major struggles of multi-site owners is that they usually have to do the same action, such as changing contents, activating or deactivating plug-ins and themes, moderating comments, etc., for hundreds of websites. Manually, you need to do each action for websites one-by-one; it’s very time-consuming and frustrating.

The situation has changed with WP Blazer Suite. Once your websites are added to the software, you can choose any websites and what you want will be applied to all of them simultaneously.


Website Cloning

This is a new feature; if you realize one of your sites performing better than other, you can replicate or clone them to multiply your profits with ease.

Built-in SEO Feature

WP Blazer Suite provides an in-depth solution for its customers, and SEO auditing is one of its remarkable functionalities. You don’t have to pay much money for backlinks or SEO agencies anymore; this application will help you to get high rankings in Google searches on complete autopilot.

Malware Scanner

There is an anti-malware software included in WP Blazer Suite; you can use it to protect your websites from malicious attacks without any third-party applications.

Integration with Social Media

You can share your posts on social media networks effortlessly since this application can be integrated with your social accounts. You can even make a schedule for it to post on autopilot.

And Many More…

With modern features of WP Blazer Suite, you can effectively manage the contents of your websites, share those contents with people on social media, protect them from threats, improve SEO, etc. Therefore, you can generate more profits with your improved way of doing business.



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