AUTOMATED WordPress Theme that RANKS ITSELF on GOOGLE Only With WP News Ranker


The sad truth these days is that it seems there are no shortcuts to ranking on page #1.

5-10 years ago just about anyone could spam backlinks, do some seo and rank their site effectively.

But the problem is Google got wise to that. And that’s why online marketing has become so HARD.

It’s true… don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t had results ranking your site so far, because in 2019 Google is SMART.

Simply spamming some backlinks and installing an SEO plugin WILL NOT RANK your site.

These days it’s more true than ever that Google only rewards QUALITY websites with higher rankings.

And to Google quality means you posting masses and masses of original content on a regular basis.

  • Rank Your Site For Popular Searches In Your Niche: Start ranking your site on page#1 for things people are ACTUALLY searching for.
  • Start Getting TRAFFIC Today: Get masses of free search traffic from Google 24/7
  • 100% Automated Your site will start ranking itself on page #1 from the moment you activate the plugin
  • Get Original Content For Your Site 24/7: You never have to create ANY original content for your site ever again!
  • Automated “Human Readable” Articles : Get fully automatic content that looks like it was written by a human!
  • Easy To Use, Newbie Friendly: Anyone can have their site ranking itself within minutes of installing.
  • Works In ANY Niche: No matter how big or small your niche, you will see great results.
  • Unique “Image Spinning” Technology Included: You get unique IMAGES for your site content too!
  • Unlimited License Available: You could have dozens of sites, producing their own content and ranking themselves on FULL AUTOPILOT.


WP News Ranker goes to work every day searching top news sources to create trending content in your niche. Get masses of google search traffic every day by getting your site on page #1 for multiple popular search terms. Get automated content that is so realistic no-one will ever guess it’s automated. Not even Google!

Most Powerful “Content Spinning” You’ve Ever Seen.

Spin any of your chosen content sources into totally unique posts and articles All content is fully “human readable” High quality spun content that even your visitors will love. Appears totally original to Google. Get MASSIVE increases in your Google search ranking.


Source:  AUTOMATED WordPress Theme that RANKS ITSELF on GOOGLE Only With WP News Ranker | Online Marketing Tools


Moto Image Editor


Want All The Free Traffic You Can Handle, While Getting Others To Share Your Sites, Posts & Offers?Effortlessly Drive More Clicks & Shares With  Custom Graphics Using This Powerful Image Editor & Massive Template Bundle.

  • Powerful, Simple-to-use Graphics Editor For Unlimited Customization Of Your Images
  • Massive Library Of Over 1000 Pre-made Graphics For Your Sites & Social Media Campaigns
  • Optimized To Work Perfectly With Your Moto Theme Sites To Ensure Lightning Fast Load Times
  • Maximize 100% Free Traffic From Search & Social Media

But Before You Start Slapping Graphics All Over Your Sites & Social Profiles, Know This :

  • Simply Ripping Off Images Or Pics You Find Online Can Mean Copyrighting Issues, Fines…
    And Getting Your Sites Blacklisted By Search Engines

  • Not Customizing Your Graphics Often Means Prospects Will Skim Right Past Your Offers

  • If You Don’t Optimize Your Images Correctly, Your Site Can Load Significantly Slower
    And Your Conversions Will Drop

  • Image Posts On Your Sites Increase CTR And Decrease Bounce Rate

  • Images Grab Increased Traffic From Search Engines …
    That’s Targeted, 100% Free Traffic

  • Social Media Users Love Visual Content – The Right Images Compel Users To Share Your Content On Social Media, While Driving Free Traffic From Social Sites


Viral Loop2 – A WordPress Template Based Viral & Referral Marketing Platform Helping e-Commerce Stores, B2B & B2C Businesses

Viral Loop 2.0 is a theme for WordPress that claims to help you in creating a profitable website. They claim that you can create a website even with no experience. The theme is supposed to do a lot of work for you and save you a lot of time and effort.  By the way, the people behind this product are Keith Gosnell and Cindy Donovan. Both of them have launched other internet marketing products, but it looks like that this is the only product that they have launched together.ViralLoops provides users with ready to use campaign templates……..

Read more:

Discover How The Brand New Covert Social Press Theme Can Power YOUR OWN Profitable Social Network In 5 Minutes

Covert Social Press 2.0 is a super simple to use WordPress theme and it only takes one click install! That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog. Straight out of the box – the Covert Social Press theme comes with all the functionality of the big social bookmarking sites like

Your visitors can join your social bookmarking site as members – just like on the big networks. And they will want to… For the exact same reason that they join sites like Digg – free links and eyeballs to their own sites. Don’t let anybody tell you this will not work!

Any marketer worth his salt will join a site at the mere whiff of a free backlink! That means you can have your members submit and bookmark links on your Covert Social Press – populating them with traffic pulling content while you’re sipping a cool drink at the beach!

And that’s not even the best part! When someone joins your site, Covert Social Press will automatically send them a welcome email – and as you see below you can fully customize that email.



How To Communicate Your Ideas & ENGAGE Your Audience Using The PowerPoint Design Templates & Presentations Themes

Based on data from Microsoft, as many as 30 million PowerPoint is made in every day. Meanwhile, according to data from essedee, 350 PowerPoint is created in every second. Despite having different data, but both agree that almost 90% of PowerPoint are made very bad. As a result, the disadvantages that arise from wasting time making PowerPoint less interesting slides and wasting less time for less-interesting presentations reach $ 250 million per day.

USING the AMAZING Grand Presentation find the PowerPoint design templates and presentations themes to communicate your ideas and ENGAGE your audience. SAVE TIME using pre-designed presentation, from business to educational slide. The design cover many different styles, from creative to business presentations and it’s very easy to edit and customization.

High – Quality Presentations will look professional and make your customers invest more time looking at your presentation. Remember, the more investment of time, your customers will be attracted to you, and it will be easier to build your confidence in them. The more they trust you, it means more likely they are to buy your product.


ThemeMaker Agency – How To Create Stunning WP Themes WITHOUT coding


The conventional way of building WordPress site is to buy a theme for each job… the designs are fixed so you can’t change the core elements without hiring a coder . Before you know it you have a 100 themes with 100 different admin areas half of which will work with your plugins and the other half will cause you conflict problems.

Then you have all the support issues the minute WordPress releases a new version… 1/2 your themes will stop working and there’s often no support from the vendor!But the real big headache comes when you use pre-made themes for clients – the copyright of any commercially released theme is public domain so any competitor can use EXACTLY the same site which completely screws your branding.

Finally, someone has solved this problem.This innovative new product allows you to build your own WordPress Themes without coding in minutes. Here’s why this so cool…

It caters for all skill levels from beginner to pro, You can literally build any page or site you like, The vendor has a 5 star rating and reputation to match, The sites you can build are literally agency standard without writing a single line of code

Once you get the hang of it you never need to buy another WordPress Theme again as you can build and edit your own…and you can use a ready-made framework (site skeleton) to cut the workload by 95%. You also get 10 Agency Quality Theme designs to make life easier for you…

You are stuck with a website design that looks the same as hundreds or thousands of other websites out there? Why spend hours of your time creating amazing content to just make it blend in with the rest of the websites out there.

You need 100’s of WordPress themes to be able to cover a range of situations that might be needed for and the technical ability to be able to modify them. And of course there’s the cost of ownership and keeping them up to date

It takes heaps of your time just trying to get your site to look like the demo before you even begin to try and customize it for your needs. And there’s the learning curve for every theme you purchase.

Any of your competitors can easily look up the theme you are using and install it on their site. Ruining any efforts you make in creating an identity & branding for your own sites or your client’s sites. That’s the whole purpose of generating a website & no way to run a business right.

With a traditional WordPress theme you create your page and you select a template, they might give you a few options on styling but that’s about it your stuck with there core templates for your posts etc…


With the ThemeMaker Template Creator you can create your own completely custom WordPress default templates and use them on any pages or posts you want, created and styled to perfection!

Our First Product… ProStyler Revelation is a theme we released almost 4 years ago, it is currently being used on over 30,000 websites, it is regularly updated with new features and our support team and massive community are always on hand to help.


PowerPress Theme 100 Domains Licensed


PowerPress will help you launch your business right away. A brand new WordPress theme that allows you to create professional website EASILY and QUICKLY.

It’s solution for everyone; it doesn’t matter what’s your background… anyone CAN create beautiful websites. NO coding and NO design skills are required! Just type and click a few buttons inside your WP admin dashboard to change the layout, content, and design.

Using PowerPress, your sites will look stunning on all devices. So you’ll never miss any potential traffic. Super easy to change the layout of your site with the in-built drag n drop page builder… Plus tons of elements/widgets you can use.

Instantly see how your site looks when you edit the content, change the layout and color, etc. With the drag n drop page builder, you can create a limitless layout for your site. So your site will be truly unique!

Awesome portfolio for your site that you can add in just minutes. Perfect to showcase your product or service. Want more customizations? You can use our child theme, so it won’t effect to your design when you perform an update.

With this feature, you can deploy our pre-made design in less than one minute. You can translate your website into your local language, or any language you want. Gorgeous fonts that you can use for your site. Change the color of your site with just a click of the mouse.

You саn find out tһаt it һаѕ tons of mаrvеlоuѕ features once уоu’vе used. Тоԁау in my PowerPress WordPress Theme Review, I wаnt to show you ѕоmе of them.

PowerPress WordPress Theme ѕuрроrtѕ you wіtһ page tеmрlаtеѕ, user-friendly ѕіtе-buіlԁеr and much mоrе. Therefore, you can сrеаtе your site lіvе quickly:

• Еnԁlеѕѕ Colors for Аll Elements

With PowerPress -Мultі-Рurроѕе WP Theme, it іѕ easy for you tо change the соlоr of уоur site instantly wіtһ a click оf the mouse

• Fullу Responsive

This PowerPress аllоwѕ your sites tо look ѕtunnіng and high-quality оn all devices. Thus, уоu’ll not be аblе to miss аnу potential traffic.

• Stunning 12 Рrе-Маԁе Templates

These еуе-саtсһіng DFY templates іnсluԁеԁ inside PowerPress -Multi Purpose WP Theme fоr you to uѕе right away

• Drаg n Drop Page Вuіlԁеr

It mаkеѕ it easy fоr you to сһаngе the layout оf your site wіtһ the in-built ԁrаg n drop page builder. А bunch of еlеmеntѕ/wіԁgеtѕ are also іnсluԁеԁ.

• Translation

You саn choose tо translate your website іntо your lосаl language, оr any language you wаnt. Ѕо it can mаkе sure people іn many countries саn understand message іn your site.• Multiple Layout Vаrіаtіоnѕ

With the ԁrаg n drop page builder іnѕіԁе PowerPress, you саn feel frее to create а unlimited layout fоr your site. So it wіll make your bе totally unique аnԁ attractive.

• Вuіlt-Іn Portfolio

Moreover, you are аblе to add ѕtunnіng portfolio for уоur site in јuѕt minutes. Іt is such а perfect feature tһаt lets you ѕһоwсаѕе your product оr service.

• Моrе Than 600 Gооglе Fonts Included

Тһеrе are over 600 outstanding fonts tһаt you can uѕе for your site.

• Child Тhеmе

If you wаnt more customizations, you can сһооѕе to use сһіlԁ theme, tһuѕ, it wоn’t effect to уоur design when you реrfоrm an uрԁаtе.

• Live Рrеvіеw Editor

You are аblе to іnѕtаntlу see how уоur site looks wһеn you are еԁіtіng the content, change the layout & color, etc.

• 1-Сlісk Demo Import

Тһіѕ feature allows you tо deploy рrе-mаԁе design in nо more than оnе minute.

PowerPress WordPress Theme іѕ the drag n ԁrор page builder tһаt helps you tо create stunning websites lіkе a pro. Uddhab Pramanik рrоvіԁеѕ you multірlе layouts capability, powerful functionality аnԁ eCommerce ready.

Іt does not rеquіrе any design ѕkіllѕ and coding. With this PowerPress, you саn type and сlісk a few buttоnѕ inside your WordPress аԁmіn, аnԁ you will view уоur beautiful site. It һеlрѕ you to сrеаtе any time оf the page.

The ease оf use for tһіѕ PowerPress WordPress Theme іѕ stunning һеlріng users to bеgіn running webinars іn few seconds.



WP Restaurant Website Theme – Stunning WordPress Theme For Restaurant Owners

Source: WP Restaurant Website Theme – Stunning WordPress Theme For Restaurant Owners | Online Marketing Tools

WordPress Automated Travel Toolkit


Imagine Having A 100% Self Updating Travel Site, With No Daily Updates and Maintenance Time Required.This website is a travel search engine with up-to-date information, Over 250,000 Hotels, 600 Airlines and variety of Car Rental companies on one website.

The huge information is fetched from two main affiliate accounts that work hard around the clock to provide up to the travel content that website visitors will find very useful. The affiliates do all the work for you and we include their content on the website….

When a visitor comes on the website, the affiliates account monitor the activities of the visitors who visited the website and pay accordingly.We have built the world’s leading hotel price comparison search engine featuring over 250,000 hotel deals in 50,000 destinations across 200 Countries included in the database. Each of these pages will make you money through affiliate leads.

Pre-made demos are available for those who cannot afford to spend time on website customization. The Lake House, Countryside, Beach House, Chalet, and Urban Guest House layouts are designed to accommodate a specific niche, and they are entirely functional. Users are able to modify their page’s sidebars, widgets, header opacity, and color palette.

Best WordPress Travel Themes

With top of the line image gallery configuration options and layout styles, transitions and animations, as well as professional quality portfolios and incredibly eloquent and expressive blog styles and layouts, this makes a perfect fit as a travel blog website, a travel journal, a travel magazine website or any other sort of travel-related online project.

This app has plentiful relevant widgets and capabilities, including Google Maps API integrated, dynamic maps, easily deployed across the theme, as well as gorgeous pictorial or video sliders and carousels for you to captivate your audience, increase traffic and visit length and much more.


Thoroughly SEO validated coding ensures your website’s efficient performance in all the relevant searches, widening your audience further. With this app at your side, the world truly is your oyster!

WP Travel Site - Hotel, Flight, Car rental, Amazon Store

Other Valuable Aspects

  1. No website expertise is necessary
  2. No technical expertise is necessary
  3. No selling required
  4. Stats and reporting are available on the affiliate websites

What will you get in this package

  1. Setup Video Tutorial
  2. Travel Website Script (Built with WordPress)
  3. Free Marketing Ebooks
  4. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Moto Theme


With MOTO you can have a drag n drop page builder with seamless instant actions technology. With Moto Theme, now you can create almost ANY kind of pages and websites for your business. No coding skills required.Moto Theme is not just a great WP theme, but it’s 100% newbie friendly and easy to use.

It’s integrated drag n drop page builder with live editor. So anyone can build professional website easily and quickly with Moto Theme.And with over 20 pre-made designs that users can use right away, it’s just got even faster to launch their business.We also love to help, and we glad to solve any customers’ problem.

We will not sleep well if there’s still an issue with the customers. So we provide customer support via email, and if needed via Skype and team viewer.Our products are evergreen too and highly valuable continuity, so customers won’t want to leave. And the most important thing is we love to improve and enhance our products, from time to time.

And with over 20 pre-made designs that users can use right away, it’s just got even faster to launch their business.We also love to help, and we glad to solve any customers’ problem. We will not sleep well if there’s still an issue with the customers. So we provide customer support via email, and if needed via Skype and team viewer.

Our products are evergreen too and highly valuable continuity, so customers won’t want to leave. And the most important thing is we love to improve and enhance our products, from time to time.

moto theme review

Moto Theme is not just a great WP theme, but it’s 100% newbie friendly and easy to use. It’s integrated drag n drop page builder with live editor. So anyone can build professional website easily and quickly with Moto Theme.And with over 20 pre-made designs that users can use right away, it’s just got even faster to launch their business

This theme is created by one of Themeforest Elite authors. Irrefutable, this is HIGH-QUALITY product among the market.
– Ultra Responsive
– Drag n Drop Editor with Instant Action Technology
– Multi-Purpose Theme
– Fit for ANY Niche
– 21 Ready to Use Templates
– Powerful Advanced Theme Options Panel
– Retina Ready
– Unlimited Color Variations
– Animation and Effect
– Built-In Mega Menu
– One-Page Feature
– Optimized for Speed
– E-Commerce Ready – 100% Compatible with WooCommerce
– Easy and Fun to Customize
– 100% Newbie Friendly
– and So Much More…


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