Creating Empathetic Workplaces hosted two employer workshops on how empathy can be used to create a more engaged, productive workforce in November led by Oliver Hansard and Joss Mathieson from Catalyst Thinking Partners. Opening the first workshop, Hansard said that, in a world where we are in control of so little that is going on, empathy is […]

The Balance Between Your Personal & Work Life Is Simple To Be Successful At Work: Live

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) conducted a study to determine which countries offered their workers the best balance between personal life and work life . The researchers considered a number of factors including average work hours , personal time, and number of working moms. In the end, the Netherlands took first place […]

5 Tips For Working From Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Written By Chase Williams With a global pandemic making its way through the population, countries around the world are closing their doors and suggesting companies switch to remote-work mode. This considered, you might quickly find yourself in a sticky situation: working from home. To those unfamiliar, it may seem exciting or even daunting initially. However, […]

Move Over, Work-Life Balance. Hello, Work-Life ‘Integration’

As a busy executive, Margaret Keane has had to find creative ways to fit time with her family into her busy schedule, especially when her children were teenagers. One method that she found particularly effective was driving her kids to school every day. “That way, we had at least 20 minutes just for us,” she […]

New Harvard Research Says It’s Time to Let Employees Work From Anywhere (the Productivity Gains Alone Are Impressive)

The idea of working remotely has been more than bubbling on the back burner. It’s at boil status, and the ability to work from home well is one of the hottest job skills going. The pot may be about to overflow, and the out-of-office move is about to go mainstream. At least if Harvard researchers have […]