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Monero mining platform Coinhive shutting down March 8th due to hard fork

Coinhive, a cryptocurrency mining service, has announced that they are shutting down on March 8 because of unprofitable market conditions…. https://www.pivot.one/share/post/5c7a734f595ce722b93d8aec?uid=5bd49f297d5fe7538e6111b6&invite_code=JTOJYV


Over the years, core developers say that Monero [XMR] has achieved some great improvements in their privacy and codes.

It is considered one of the topmost cryptocurrencies in the market at present for its security and privacy. Although, they have learned and gone through a lot….. https://www.pivot.one/share/post/5c7912e1595ce722c265458b?uid=5bd49f297d5fe7538e6111b6&invite_code=JTOJYV

Kidnappers Demand $9 Million in Monero (XMR) from Norwegian Billionaire


New Proposal Promises to Make Monero (XMR) Wallet Simpler


One contributor to the Monero (XMR) project wants to reform the wallet’s GUI to account for the likelihood that some users may not be interested in the more technical details of running a full node and may instead want to just have a desktop computer program that accesses funds and handles transactions.

“The community has long stipulated that, in its current form, the GUI is not properly tailored to the less tech-savvy. I personally have acknowledged this particular issue and am therefore proposing to add a simple mode, which would be significantly better curtailed for the less tech-savvy,” wrote the contributor, who goes by the username dEBRUYNE-1.

The “simple mode” this person is proposing would remove options usually tailored for advanced users, such as the ability to select the testnet or stagenet of the Monero blockchain. Additional features, including one where advanced users could sign a transaction file in a cold storage wallet and broadcast it through a “hot” node that has view-only privileges, are also removed from the proposed mode.