My IM Place Syndicator – Niche YouTube Traffic

We built this so you can hit the ground running FAST and focus on your business and stop struggling to create high-quality video embeds, backlinks and social signals..If you want to rank a video you simply need embeds – it’s a must-do in the video marketing World. Even if you rank just websites, relevant video embeded along with your link has a HUGE value in Google’s eyes.

Countless case studies shows that social signals have a GREAT impact on Google rankings. It’s NATURAL that people share and bookmark things they like and now you get this natural look with a click of a button. Not only will My IM Place Syndicator help you explode your profits, it will help you save a fortune in extortionate 3rd party SEOs fees… Best of both worlds.

You’ll able to submit one post per day, which gives 30 submissions per month, which gives $0,67 per video – it’s close to free! Enjoy The Freedom …Saving time and money along with having a powerful tool like this for daily use gives you more freedom in your ranking process as well as in life in general… because having more time and money means more freedom and time for the things you love the most….


YouTargetr – Drive Massive Targeted Penny Clicks Traffic to Your Websites From YouTube in Minutes

The most complete YouTube ads training that is automated by the one of a kind revolutionary software that will siphon highly targeted traffic to your offers with only a few clicks. Enter my main keyword in the YouTargetr software… and I get a list of highly relevant keyword ideas, YouTargetr will find all the videos that are ranking for these keywords and have monetization enabled… that means that they will allow me to show my video ad in front of their content..Upload the list of videos to YouTube ads platform, Fill in the blanks and create a new ad… Enter the name… a video file… a call to action… and VOILA… more…

YT Gorilla – Let’s Your Competitors Rank Your Videos Then Take Their Keywords

YT Gorilla is the combination of multiple features only for checking out the keywords your competitors are ranking for and descriptions. Here are some features of this tool which I just list as the most outstanding.

→ Fully Cloud Based: Nothing to download – Access from Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet.

→ YT King Kong Keyword: With a few clicks see your competitors’ video keywords and tags and “export” with a single click.

→ YT Gorilla Alert System: Notifies you via web browsers and email.

→ Huge Local Business Opportunities: Rank your videos for clients and charge $100s – $1000s per video.

This software is created for all levels users, so it is very easy to use. One more thing, you can run this tool only with 3 VERY SIMPLE STEPS below which also means you don’t have to face with difficult problem.

STEP 1: Check out the keywords your competitors are ranking for and descriptions (let your competitors do the hard work for you).

STEP 2: Use YT Gorilla to see those keywords.

STEP 3: 24/7 – YT Gorilla Alert System – With YT Gorilla it AUTOMATICALLY Alerts You New Video Based On what Keywords and market you targeted. It’s the laziest and easiest way

YT Gorilla is freshly-coded video cloudware and it’s turning top marketer’s heads around at every level corner with its systematic features.

This thing cuts-through video marketing tasks like butter with a Swiss knife.

There’s no other video tool like it… Only YT Gorilla sets such a high mark of excellence heads and shoulders above the rest.

Where other video tools leave you hanging, YT Gorilla:

Takes boring niche searches and turns them into paid commissions by collecting guarded SEO data from winning video keywords. Now you can implant them directly into your own campaigns!

– Instantly finds lucrative viral videos with high rankings you can monetize as your own!

– Takes your videos from ZERO rankings to HERO rankings without any heavy SEO lifting and crunches all the data putting it right at your fingertips.

The online business market is more and more difficult, so you have to work very hard to keep up with your competitors. Without using this tool, you will have to take your precious time and money in order to rank your videos with heavy SEO lifting for a long time. And the result can’t satisfy your expectations.

Jackpot Keyword Machine


Its technology automatically scrolls dozens of websites totally related to your video title and harvests the perfect 300 words for your video description and tags section and picks the most suitable words according to your Video title. Despite the fact that people don’t usually read the description section, YouTube uses keywords in the description to rank videos. Jackpot Keyword Machine is a simple browser based tool that helps to rank your videos for more than 1000 distinct search queries without having SEO knowledge and without spending a penny in ads. You will never imagine how many free leads you could get and how much money you could earn by ranking a couple of videos on YouTube. Hurry and take advantage of this awesome deal today.  If you snooze you lose.  This is the perfect traffic attraction system that will change your entire marketing game.  Give yourself an undeniable competitive advantage.




Tube Traffic Scraper



This Powerful Custom Software Takes a 3 Hour (miserable job) and Knocks it down to a 10 Minute Hands-off Computer Automated Job and Allows You to…Rank For Short-tail Keywords. The foundational concept here is to leverage other peoples work/money to gain an advantage for yourself without actually doing any of the work, or spending any of the money that they are doing and spending.

I scrape volumes of laser targeted traffic from these people 24×7. – And the best part is that the more work they do, and the more money they spend on promoting their videos, amounts to more traffic and profit for me.

The reason I bring up that product is 2-fold. [1] To let you see that when I release a product, it isn’t theory. It’s tested/proven fact that I have personally used for years. And [2] Because I actually lightly mentioned this method in that course but didn’t really expand on it.

Tube Traffic Scraper… I am using other peoples videos to fuel a full flood of traffic into my own videos. I don’t have to go crazy with optimization, I don’t need views, backlinks, social proof, or any of that.I simply put a video together, do a little copy/paste – wait for the traffic (and opt-ins or orders) to start flowing in from any major short-tail keyword I happen to want traffic from.

So how am I “scraping” traffic? – I position my videos as “related” to major videos for short tail keywords.

Take a moment to give this some thought…

In fact, lets break it down. We’ll use “Acne Cure” as the target keyword.

There are 20 video listings on the first page of YouTube for that keyword. – Combined, they have around 12,766,000 (over 12 million views)

Now if we continued and added the total views of all of the videos that show up as “related” to each of those 20 videos, we are probably looking at around 50,000,000 (over 50 million views)

But those views are totaled from the life of each video, so lets just guess wildly and without verification and say that in general that niche likely gets 2 million views per month across the top videos + related videos.

So at this rate, we could easily guess that overall this niche (from a video perspective) gets around 400,000 views per month or a little over 13,000 views per day spread across the videos in that niche.

Now lets go on to guess that you were able to get your own video listed as “related” to only about 1/3rd of those videos. That would take us down to about 4,300 exposures to your own video thumbnail/title PER DAY.

So there you go… You took a fresh video with no links, views, social proof or anything else, and you turned it into 18,000 views & 120 actions per month without spending a dime, or any real time on it at all.

You just upload your video, optimize to rank for related videos, and kick back and enjoy the rewards of other peoples hard work while you’re doing other things that you actually want to do.The software cuts down the workload that takes about 3 hours of miserable work (per campaign) into about 10 minutes of hands-off computer automated work.

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