Tee Inspector


Powerful T-Shirt Research Software Responsible for Generating cash Selling Shirts with Teespring.This new awesome software uncovers the top-selling t-shirt campaigns running on the massively popular Teespring site!

With just a click of your mouse, instantly preview all Teespring shirt campaigns in an interactive data table. You can sort each column as well as search by keyword. Plus, the results will “filter-as-you-type” into the search box .. in real-time! AND … you can SELL these reports as HTML files to your customers or as Fiverr gigs!

There are more ways to make money with this powerful software! Instantly preview any given Teespring campaign by simply hovering your mouse over top of the link! Stop wasting your time flipping through hundreds of Teespring pages by simply moving your mouse, you can see exactly what you want in milliseconds!



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