The 12 Best Modern Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers

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The modern classroom presents enough challenges for today’s teachers. Because students have changed, the profession has changed along with them. Even so, the best classroom management strategies are the ones you’ll always take with you, no matter the environment. This infographic by educators Lisa Nielsen and Eileen Lennon gives you exactly that. It’s called 12 Strategies to Manage the Modern Classroom

When we talk about modern classroom management strategies, we’ll almost certainly be addressing technology. That’s because it’s considered the norm as a presence in today’s schools. Our students can’t do without it most of the time, but it comes with its share of distractions. To this end, Lisa and Eileen have taken advice on classroom management strategies with technology from many NYC teachers and combined them into this infographic:

“Time off-task. Distractions. These are problems educators new to using technology might face in their classrooms. But used correctly, technology can easily move from a weapon of mass distraction, to a tool of engagement.”

This is what Anna Johansson wrote about in an article entitled Debunked: 5 Myths About Classroom Technology. The argument isn’t for schools to adopt an all-tech curriculum, as many districts fear. Instead, we’re talking about a shift towards mindfulness about its adoption into any kind of learning progression. Effective classroom management strategies like the ones below work in harmony with this shift.

Enjoy this infographic and the wisdom therein. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to adopt classroom management strategies like these to make technology your ally in teaching.


by | Dec 21, 2017

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