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The most common myths that may be preventing you from starting meditation or getting the most out of the meditation that you are currently practicing The author talks about the fact that a lot of people are skeptical about meditation because of where it originated from and some of the preconceptions that they hold.

There is also a spiritual connection with meditation which can put some people off. There are 8 common myths about meditation revealed and completely dispelled by the author. Myths such as religion, belief, a person’s state of consciousness, links to hypnosis, the effort required and the time it takes are covered here.

The “counting your breath” technique gets the reader to focus on their breath and nothing else. Once this technique is mastered it will provide a tremendous amount of relaxation. The reader will experience a very deep and abiding sense of inner peace.

The author explains how the reader must prepare for this technique and the steps necessary to get this right. The reader will learn how to turn their mental camera to their breath so that they feel it in their body and see it in their mind’s eye. How you can use meditation to stop hanging on to everything in your mind for dear life and live a near stress free life This section is all about the technique of “present sense mindfulness”.

The author explains in detail what this is and how it will benefit the reader. The reader will learn how to train their awareness on to just one thing. The steps to achieve present sense mindfulness follow. These steps are detailed and the author goes to great lengths to ensure that the reader knows exactly what to do. The feelings that the reader should experience are shared so that they know if they are performing the technique properly.

Why it is absolutely essential that you let go of your emotional attachments so that you can minimize stress and anxiety The author states here that a natural progression from the previous meditative techniques that are covered in the guide is to move on to letting go of emotional attachments. Once the reader moves up to this level of meditation they be a lot less anxious and stressed out.

How to stop draining your emotional and mental resources by experiencing negative emotions and change this to feelings of contentment This is a comprehensive set of six steps which show the reader how they can gain freedom from emotional roller coaster rides that take them into negative territory.

The clearly laid out steps contain the right amount of detail so that the reader knows exactly what they must do to master this powerful technique. The meditation best practices that you have to know about and use so that you can perform the ultimate mental workout

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