The Super Funnel 2.0

The Super Funnel Method allows anyone to build a complete product funnel in a day or less, even if they’re not an expert…WITHOUT creating your own products and WITHOUT writing sales letters.The product, The Super Funnel,focuses on the helping you set up an effective sales funnel for your product. As we all know, having a good product is not enough. It requires a Super Sales Funnel to ensure high conversions. This product demonstrates how a Super Sales Funnel is created right from scratch. Apart from the Super Sales Funnel main product, there are also accompanying bonuses that will, without a doubt, contribute to your success. The bonuses included in The Super Funnel are:The 4 Page Cash Machines Templates, The Super Funnel Checklist, Copy and Profit Email Swipe Files, Reflect and Project (Excellent Goal Building Strategies), The Super Funnel Blackbook (the Secret Sources where Alex Jeffreys get his sales pages and sales copy done. Alex assures that it is suitable for you if you are buying solo ads and having crappy click through or open rates. The Super Funnel will teach you how to get traffic for FREE and generate a herd of READY Buyers who will flock to your product launches.Or if you are struggling with any aspect of internet marketing, you will gain a valuable tip from The Super Funnel.




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