The Ultimate Fat Loss Success Packages

Our goal was to provide a ton of value and Education to help people all over the would. Clients have shown to aid in your six pack/core, fat loss, fitness, general health, biomechanical health / injury prevention, strength and your overall physique!

Although this is an online plan, you are definitely not alone! By purchasing this program, you will also get exclusive access to our private FB group which has over 13,000 members on the same plan and mission as you, providing support, motivation and accountability every day!

Best of all, I answer every single question, giving you free access to one of the world’s leading experts for all questions you may have! As this plan is based on years of advanced scientific testing which has been successfully utilized by 1000’s of our members I am 100% confident in you and your results.

I understand you’ve likely failed before and followed fad diets or plans that promise the world, but, you must understand this is a totally different ball game due to my scientific/research background and experience with elite athletes, models and Hollywood Celebs.

After all, the Top Competitors in the World Seek Our Services to help them Compete Professionally in Competitions and Movie Roles, Miss America Pageant Etc. … So, because I know the plan works, I offer a Money Back Guarantee if you complete the plan and do not get results. Simple.


  • 3 Best Selling Online Nutrition & Fitness Courses (4.5 Hours)
  • 4 Audio Books (6 Hours) Titles Listed Below
  • Ready Done Meal Plans Designed For Fat Loss (Men & Women) Specific Diet Plans, Macro Lists, Shopping Lists
  • Workout You Can Do From Anywhere with Videos (STEP-BY-STEP VIDEOS AND FULL INSTRUCTIONS
  • 24 Fat Loss Ebook Series (Best Selling Titles Below) Yes 24!
  • 42 Fat Burning Recipes E-Book
  • Fat Melting Workout E-Book
  • Access To Expert Support Group
  • Advanced Supplement Protocols

All you must do is complete the plan, follow my workouts/diet plans for 90 Days and then if you are not happy just email me for a full refund! Don’t worry, we can also stay friends.

Over 6,000 persons can confirm how their bodies have transformed from impact of The Hardbody Team. It’s not a gimmick, the results are REAL!!! They have the stats to support the claims while assisting clients to get into the best shape of their lives!

The workouts are based mainly around a standard gym; however, lots of people use these workouts at home as well. The main equipment is your bodyweight, barbells and dumbbells so they are very easy to perform at home or in small gyms/studios.

The program does use machines and cables; however, these make up less than half of the exercises and can obviously be swapped if you have limited equipment.

The Workouts takes Between 20 and 60 minutes. They are short, intense and to the point. They give you maximal results without wasting a second longer than needed. Again, they are easy to tailor so if you can just do 20-30 minutes on occasions, they will still work very well and be far superior to any typical 20-30 minute workout you are doing.


All my plans are developed with advanced and elite techniques you won’t find online; this is why people see far superior results with my programs compared to anyone else’s online! Thousands of total beginners have utilized my plans with great success!

Why? Well, I’ve got 15 years of experience working with over 10,000 of personal clients, allowing me to make it very easy to understand and tailor to YOU, as an individual.


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