The Wealthy Tuber V2


The major thing almost all YouTubers ignore is the fact that they should be optimizing their videos to increase search results and search engine rankings. This increases views, earnings and credibility but is seldom done. With new tricks evolving every day I bring a couple to the table no one else is doing and is a game changer for sure. The internet is evolving faster and faster every day. Understanding the future of video creation and content is critical but so very few people keep up with the trends and plan for the future. If you know what’s going to be the biggest thing since slice bread then you can start creating for it and you will be capitalizing more than anyone else in 2016 if you can produce the videos fast enough. I open you eyes of what’s going to be MASSIVE! In version 2 to the Wealthy Tuber we have pulled out all the stops! Revealing some extremely powerful video marketing strategies that work and work well. You don’t have to have experience to understand any of these things prior to taking this impact course. See it is obvious how fast YouTube and Facebook continue to grow and competing for business on these social giants has become a challenge. We have made the game a lot easier for you to dominate and succeed in ways no one else is talking about. In the first release of this course we gave everyone the option to buy a Word Press plugin that would add social sharing buttons to their videos. Well with YouTube doing away with annotations in the very near future we had to go back to the drawing board and revamp the tool. Annotations were non-responsive for mobile devices and because YouTube is viewed by over 50% of people using mobile devices opposed to PCs. (This includes tablets)





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