The Winning MindSet – Create Your Own Virtual Goldmine

Mindset is such a powerful thing, and I encourage you to tap into yours. No one else will know if you repeat a certain phrase to yourself, or psych yourself up before work with your power song.

Focusing on seemingly minor things like remembering to be your authentic self and a team player, can change your mindset and therefore have a big impact on your time spent interning.

It can also quiet the self-doubting voices in your head asking non-important questions about if you wore the right thing, to make room for the more important questions about how to best help your company reach their target demographic, or launch a social media campaign.

When you start your internship, if you try to be someone you would want to work with, you will be someone people want to work with. Think of your favorite classmates or relatives at large family gatherings.

Do they share some common traits like always looking happy to see you, asking about your life or day, catching you up on the convo if you joined the Thanksgiving table or school lunch table late? If you’re happy to be at your internship, and genuinely interested in what people are doing around you, learning from them and helping them with their work, they’ll feel this authenticity, which is such an awesome quality to possess.


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