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The conventional way of building WordPress site is to buy a theme for each job… the designs are fixed so you can’t change the core elements without hiring a coder . Before you know it you have a 100 themes with 100 different admin areas half of which will work with your plugins and the other half will cause you conflict problems.

Then you have all the support issues the minute WordPress releases a new version… 1/2 your themes will stop working and there’s often no support from the vendor!But the real big headache comes when you use pre-made themes for clients – the copyright of any commercially released theme is public domain so any competitor can use EXACTLY the same site which completely screws your branding.

Finally, someone has solved this problem.This innovative new product allows you to build your own WordPress Themes without coding in minutes. Here’s why this so cool…

It caters for all skill levels from beginner to pro, You can literally build any page or site you like, The vendor has a 5 star rating and reputation to match, The sites you can build are literally agency standard without writing a single line of code

Once you get the hang of it you never need to buy another WordPress Theme again as you can build and edit your own…and you can use a ready-made framework (site skeleton) to cut the workload by 95%. You also get 10 Agency Quality Theme designs to make life easier for you…

You are stuck with a website design that looks the same as hundreds or thousands of other websites out there? Why spend hours of your time creating amazing content to just make it blend in with the rest of the websites out there.

You need 100’s of WordPress themes to be able to cover a range of situations that might be needed for and the technical ability to be able to modify them. And of course there’s the cost of ownership and keeping them up to date

It takes heaps of your time just trying to get your site to look like the demo before you even begin to try and customize it for your needs. And there’s the learning curve for every theme you purchase.

Any of your competitors can easily look up the theme you are using and install it on their site. Ruining any efforts you make in creating an identity & branding for your own sites or your client’s sites. That’s the whole purpose of generating a website & no way to run a business right.

With a traditional WordPress theme you create your page and you select a template, they might give you a few options on styling but that’s about it your stuck with there core templates for your posts etc…


With the ThemeMaker Template Creator you can create your own completely custom WordPress default templates and use them on any pages or posts you want, created and styled to perfection!

Our First Product… ProStyler Revelation is a theme we released almost 4 years ago, it is currently being used on over 30,000 websites, it is regularly updated with new features and our support team and massive community are always on hand to help.


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