These Glasses Can Help People with Disabilities use Technology without their Hands


Glassouse can be worn like a pair of glasses and allow people with disabilities to use their smartphones and computers hands-free. Head movements will control the mouse cursor and biting on the blue extension will select items.

When looking at the OrCam MyEye, one might think they are just another pair of glasses for blind people. However, the OrCam device is much more than that.

OrCam is an intuitive portable device with a smart camera mounted on the frames of a person’s eyeglasses. The device uses the power of Artificial Vision to assist people who are living with vision loss. They are interactive glasses for blind people to “see” their surroundings in daily life.

The OrCam device has two parts. There is the lightweight camera that clips onto the wearer’s glasses and is connected by a thin cable to the second part of the device which is a tiny wearable computer designed to fit in a pocket. The computer uses audio feedback to relay visual information (through speech) to the user via a mini earpiece.

These glasses for the blind have three main functions. It can read texts, recognize faces, and identify products.

The OrCam device has the ability to read printed text in real time from any surface. A person can read books, newspapers, signs, labels, menus and even text on a smartphone or computer screen. Essentially, they are glasses for the blind to “see” the world around them.

Users also have the ability to personalize the OrCam device by teaching it to recognize particular products and identify faces. Previously stored faces are both identified and announced after entering the camera’s view.

These interactive glasses for blind people are activated by a simple and intuitive gesture, a point of a person’s finger, or the press of a single button.


The device really makes daily activities easier for those living with vision loss. “I can get a quick view of the newspaper without all of the strain. I read my email from my smartphone on the go. With OrCam you really get more out of life – I feel less dependent and more relaxed.” – “Moshe F, Legally blind from childhood

So although the OrCam device looks like a regular pair of glasses, they are so much more than that. They are glasses for blind to “see” their surroundings, an incredibly life-changing device that can help people who are blind or visually impaired regain their independence.

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