Truly Thoughtful Mother’s Day Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Before

Here’s a Mother’s Day secret: Moms are happy with whatever their loved ones give them. Gifts from their family members are always a delight — and yet some are just a bit more delightful than others.

This year, give the mothers in your life a wow-how-did-you-know gift. These ideas aren’t just presents. They’re validation. They tell a mother that you see all the work she does, that you appreciate every bit of it and that you want to do something to make things a little easier.

A Wellness Planner

Mom may not be the type to dedicate time to writing or doodling in a blank journal, but a wellness planner may be a different matter.

This is a special type of journal that helps people track and reflect on how they’re doing mentally and physically. It can help with goal-setting, developing healthy sleep habits, tracking nutrition and exercise, and recognizing the things that make us feel mentally and emotionally sound.

Researchers have found journaling has real emotional health benefits, so she’ll have reason to love this new habit even more over time.

These guided journals come in a variety of options, so shop around to find the best one for the mom in your life.

A Meal Kit Subscription 

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that planning menus, grocery shopping and cooking can take serious time. If your mom helps out with any of these household responsibilities, you can help lighten her load by giving her a subscription to a meal kit company.

Lots of clever companies are now offering home-delivered meal kits for creative, delicious meals the whole family will enjoy. Complete with recipes and premeasured ingredients tailored to your family’s size and taste, these kits can offer mealtime ease in addition to great food.

The even better news? A recent study showed that meal kits have a smaller carbon footprint than meals made from groceries, so it’s a gift for both mothers and the planet.

A Weekend Day At Home, Alone

The busy mother in your life might have a list of things she always wants to do at home but never finds the time for — like reading a book on the porch or working on a creative project.

Give Mom the gift of unstructured free time at home, all by herself.

Most moms love a little “me time.” But here’s the hitch: It’s hard to relax in a house full of everyday to-dos that need doing. Prep her for her day at home by tackling any tasks she might normally be tempted to take on herself. Roll up your own sleeves or have professionals come help. Then go out for the day.

A Sleep App

Researchers have recently verified what many parents have known by gut for centuries: It takes years after a child is born — six years, in fact — for parents to get their normal sleep patterns back.

But parenting-related sleep challenges don’t necessarily end when the children turn six. From shuttling kids to early-morning sporting events to setting an alarm late at night to make sure a teenager has made curfew, a mother’s sleep schedule is often erratic. You can help Mom reclaim a little more rest with a subscription to a sleep app.

These subscription services vary, but many offer guided meditation sessions, sleep trackers and timers, and custom white noise. Other snooze-promoting app options include relaxing breathing exercises and calming music. Some platforms even include soothing bedtime stories.

A Home Security System

You might not be able to stop a parent from worrying. But you might be able to provide some peace of mind with a smart security system.

These easy-to-use systems can be customized for your home and controlled via smartphone. Some can detect motion, forced entry, smoke and even leaking pipes — because every mother’s worries are different.

This year, pair the flowers and candy with one of these thoughtful gift ideas. You’ll have not only a happy Mother’s Day, but also a truly happy mother. And doesn’t she deserve it?

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