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TubeSift is by far my most valuable marketing tool. I use it every time I create a new campaign, and because of that I have a team of developers constantly maintaining and updating TubeSift to keep it compliant, and returning the best possible search results.

TubeSift is the Superman of YouTube ad software.It’s a cloud-based tool that provides you with laser-targeted keyword research in minutes. Its geo-targeting can literally fly around the world and return with hundreds of profit-ready videos for you to advertise on, faster than a speeding bullet…

And it’s something I wish I’d had when I first started out. But it didn’t exist back then, so I used the profits from my own YouTube campaigns to build it.
TubeSift lets you:

Find ONLY the best monetized videos in seconds.
Eradicate long, boring market research sessions
Complete essential keyword research in minutes.
Identify the perfect target audience for every new ad you create
Discover entire niches to dominate in a few clicks
Create multiple placement lists with ease
Create new ad campaigns without leaving the software

First, open up Google or YouTube and start brainstorming for keywords, that’s about an hour, right there…

Then comes the real drag, you need to spend another 2 or so hours searching for individual videos on YouTube, and manually confirming whether or not they can be monetized.

Search for individual videos on YouTube, and manually confirm whether or not they can be monetized (approx. 3 hours for standard campaign research)

Then, you’ll need to record all the Video URLs that can be monetized and input them into a spreadsheet. One-by-one. As you can imagine, this step takes a while, so best add another few hours to the mix.

Now you set up your placement lists. (You’ll learn all about those in VACC 3.0 by the way. Really important, It’s gonna make you a lot of money). Anyway, if you’re setting up these lists manually add another hour.

Repeat as necessary for each ad, niche, channel, campaign… (all up the total minimum time for an average campaign is approx. XXX hours)


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