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Facebook Instant Articles is the tool you need to connect with your audience in a fast and effortless way. And, when you do, you’re empowered by the results.It’s all of the work and confusion that goes into getting your content into the Facebook technology! We know it’s frustrating but Turbo Instant Publisher takes all of the stress out of the process.

With Turbo Instant Publisher, you gain key benefits:You don’t have to use HTML, You don’t need a database, You Can use either Windows or Mac.You don’t have to worry about WordPress and its security risks.You can get exceptional content in front of millions of people in seconds.

We’re excited to empower you with all that Facebook Instant Articles can do for you. Check out Turbo Instant Publisher now.Turbo Instant Publisher does all of the hard lifting for you. As a marketer, you can spend your time building your marketing and articles and let Turbo Instant Publisher get your articles up and working for you on Facebook Instant Articles.

There’s no doubt that many people are turning to Facebook Instant Articles because it provides incredible connectivity and versatility. It’s a fantastic tool we highly recommend.Turbo Instant Publisher fixes that problem. We’ve found that our non-HTML tool actually streamlines the process of getting your articles up and on your Facebook page and on your website.

Turbo Instant Publisher has been designed to cut out all the complicated technical steps; all your customers (and you) have to do is to upload the files of the software in a directory on the server, login, set it up and… PRESTO! Start Writing – without the need to know any HTML!


Here’s how it works in 4 simple steps:

1. Upload the files of Turbo Instant Publisher in your hosting account.

2. Login to the protected administration area.

3. Set it up ONCE in 3 minutes.

4. Start wiring your Instant Articles.

That’s it!

And here is what happens when WordPress gets updated with a new version but the free plugin is not


You get GREAT SUPPORT too – since we answer all tickets on the same day, and some times in some minutes.


Turbo Instant Publisher is a php script: all servers support php. IF IN DOUBT customers can ask their host if their hosting account supports PHP 5.4. The following extensions must be available by the hosting account too: MCrypt PHP Extension, Sqlite PHP Extension. Again, IF IN DOUBT customers can ask their host to install those extensions.

Considering that “The first impression is always the last”, with a ‘good-looking’ website design you can be sure to impact the minds of your website visitors immediately.It helps convey the right message at the right time.It gives you INSTANT authority and credibility.There’s absolutely NO compromise on the quality of our designs. We’ve the very best dedicated team of graphic designers in this industry and their works speak for themselves.


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