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The Ultimate Banner plugin lets you create professional looking banners and then either send traffic to an affiliate offer OR have it pop up with an optin form (or any HTML you choose) Your customers can create banners for ANY product they want to promote in seconds, customizing a banner quickly from our extensive template collection. 

AND manage everything in one convenient admin area… all conveniently inside your WordPress admin area.   You can now intelligently control how, when and to whom banners are displayed to your visitors

  • Built-in banner creator
  • Easy to use shortcodes
  • Integrates with ANY Autoresponder
  • Turn banners on/off
  • Intelligent banner display tracking
  • Categorise your banner groups
  • Track views/conversions and more

Everything is mobile responsive. As you know, most banners look terrible on mobile, because they’re just image blocks that don’t resize. If you want them to be responsive,
you’ve got to fork over big bucks to a programmer to get the code. No more. Ultimate Banner Plugin generates the code for you when you create the banner, so it’s simple to have great-looking offers on any device.


Looking for an easy, quick way to build mobile-responsive banners, sidebars, and email opt-ins BY YOURSELF, without having to hire a designer or programmer, or spend ages in Canva? Want to show different offers on different pages, with tailored calls to action that speak directly to your target audience?

Or maybe you want multiple, varied offers on the same page? Want to be able to switch out your offers within seconds? How about easily tracking them all to see what’s working best? The Ultimate Banner Plugin integrates with your WordPress site to do all this and more.



Create professional-looking graphics that increase sales, build your list, save you time, and minimize your workflow. You control everything from an easy-to-use admin panel, letting you change your banners and sidebars site-wide with just a few simple clicks.

Categorize banners, sidebars, pop-ups, and opt-ins and A/B test everything with built-in analytics. Simply choose your desired template, type in the text you want, assign it a category, and you’re all set. Ultimate Banner Plugin takes care of the rest, including analytics and tracking.

Say goodbye to the stress, hassle, and cost of paying a designer or wrestling with Canva. The Ultimate Banner Plugin allows you to generate custom, professional offers in minutes, all within your WordPress dashboard, putting you back in the driver’s seat.


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