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Consumers have gained more and more control over their shopping experience. Through the growth of e-commerce, shoppers are used to convenience and transparency – and they expect to be able to find any information they need about a product or service immediately. Seven in ten shoppers will choose a competitive product if they don’t find the information they need, and more than half will actually leave the site.

This presents a difficult challenge for businesses – how to ensure the proper information is in the right place at the right time. Both retailers and brands must be vigilant in creating, managing and sharing product content that is accurate, consistent and up to date. And it all must be delivered to every channel partner in their required formats.

Syndigo provides product content, nutrition information and digital media for the retail ecosystem, delivering an end-to-end content experience across brands, distributors and retailers. It offers the most complete and flexible types of content on a single platform, with the ability to syndicate directly to retailers and recipients as well as through the global data synchronisation network (GDSN).

Through Syndigo’s Content Experience Hub (CXH), brands, distributors and retailers have a single, fully integrated platform that enables them to create, collect, manage, enrich, audit, verify, syndicate and analyse their product content across trading partners.

Our current and unprecedented global situation really puts the entire ecosystem to the test – across supply chains, physical stores and virtual storefronts. It’s a new world, and a new challenge. Our future of commerce demands better product information.

It’s becoming a bigger issue daily with shoppers hungry for the information. We have seen spikes of as much as 400 per cent in website requests for content, which is similar to traffic on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This puts a strain on those organizations and systems that rely on manual processes, and it is not sustainable without an integrated technology partner such as Syndigo.

With today’s increased activity and focus on e-commerce, retailers and distributors can drive greater shopper loyalty and engagement while increasing conversions, by delivering a consistent, seamless product experience that begins online. And since retailers receive approved and validated content from brands through CXH, they ensure they are accessing the most up-to-date information on the items they sell, driving consistency throughout the entire value chain.

Syndigo helps brands benefit as well through increased shopper engagement and conversions, by delivering more complete and transparent information, plus enhanced rich media content. This can also drive greater brand loyalty, by ensuring consistency across all channel partners. Brands also can track the health of their product content through CXH in near real time, with specific measures to show which, if any, content needs to be corrected or updated.

Our system has proven its success in fast-moving consumer goods such as grocery and household items. However, it also extends to other business sectors – we serve automotive, apparel, appliance, DIY and beauty care, plus essential services including food service and medical devices. The objective in all these categories is to streamline the process for managing and distributing product information while ensuring it is complete, accurate and validated.

Syndigo’s clients already use CXH to syndicate the entirety of their product content library, across a network of more than 1,500 global retailers. Distributors, retailers and e-commerce platforms can tap into a network of more than 10,000 brands to access verified GDSN, core and enhanced digital product content.This content includes product images, weights and dimensions, ingredients, allergens, deep nutritional claims, creative and advertising content and digital-rich media. With CXH, all trading partners have near real-time access to accurate, complete and quality product information.

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