Video Hotsites Pro

9x Done-for-You SocialMobi Hotsite, Video & Social Media System – Deploys Your Local Hotsite & Social Media Optimized Launchpad in 60 SECONDS

If you want to do it right it takes…time. Now we’re offering you a shortcut to save your highly valuable time so that businesses can start paying you $50, $100 or $1,000 Per Month, Per Premium Listing Today!

9x Done-for-You Hotsites

Pre-filled and pre-populated with high-converting content these Hotsites come with “built-in” social proof, an eye-popping logo and professionally designed to ensure every local business desires to be listed in your Hotsite.

9x Done-for-You Facebook Packages

Instantly deploy a Facebook fanpage for your Social Hotsite that also lives within Facebook. The viral aspect of Facebook is essential for the success of your Hotsite and now you can deploy a matching Fanpage in seconds.

9x Done-for-You YouTube Packages

The Done-for-You Video can generate additional traffic from your matching YouTube channel. Create that YouTube channel in seconds with our hot design YouTube Hotsite Skin.

Select a high-end niche. All of our Done-For-You directories utilize high-end niches to ensure six-figure potential per directory.Use our eye-popping graphics for your own Hotsite and with the upgrade deploy the entire Hotsite within seconds to save your valuable time so you can start closing $97/month local businesses immediately.


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