Video Induction System

In this amazing training schedule you will discover how to immediately hypnotize your viewers so they’re glued to your video and how to get them to take the exact action you want: be it to buy, subscribe, sign-up, comment, ANYTHING. and while traditional text letters can take weeks to write, you’ll be able to write a profitable video script in just 60 minutes or less, Use  hypnotic script structure to get your viewers actually wanting to buy from you every single time,4 simple pillars  in every video you ever make, but 99% of videos leave 1 or more of these out! Discover what they are, and how you can use these 4 Pillars to maximize your conversion rates and skyrocket your sales, Use Joey’s specially designed cheat sheets to give you a quick-start and guarantee you stay on the right track! This is the perfect way to digest the video training as well as having quick references to help you learn and apply the information.Adding video to a site that sells ANYTHING increases conversion rate by an average of 30% that means you can spend 2 hours creating a video, and see a 30% conversions increase on your site FOR LIFE.

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