Video Retargeter

Although video remarketing is wildly powerful, it can be a HUGE pain in the butt to create videos. You either have to put yourself on camera (which can be really embarassing, and if you’re a woman, you probably want to do the whole make-up/do your hair shtick), use boring PPT videos, or pay $1k+ to have videos done for you. From now on, instead of dealing with that, Video Retargeter will create videos for you in SECONDS. You can choose from voiceovers in the background tha say things like “come back”, “visit us again”,  or “maybe you got interrupted watching cat videos!”. (You can also upload your own voiceovers if you’d like.) You can throw these videos up on retargeting campaigns and increase the ROI on every campaign you make.And if you’re not sure how to create those campaigns, no problem! There’s easy follow-along training in the Members Area. In a nutshell it’s simple to use, has all the elements you need to make effective influential videos. It’s also fast! Any number of videos can be used in testing to see which proves the most effective.




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