VIDEONOVA is a YouTube Video Player on Steroids! hosting genius “stealth” tactics to create a hook for your videos that’s so powerful, your viewers won’t even know you are selling to them! It will engage them so amazingly well that they will have the urge to take action upon what you’re sharing with them.Read on to discover more about our cutting-edge video player breakthrough. Plus, you’ll get instant access to a one-time only opportunity to 5x your sales just like we did in our 4 day conversion hacking strategy.We have developed this systematic and strategic WordPress plugin that automatically understands the customer before we engage them for the sale, subscribe (opt-in) or any other action we wish! It’s mind-blowing.The rest of the functionality can be deployed as if the videos in the website are automatically conditioning and transforming people as they watch, forcing the visitors to buy..VideoNova hosts a surveying system within it’s comprehensive arsenal, imagine being able to get your prospects to fill in surveys AS and WHEN you desire? Imagine the potential of not having to guess what they want, but actually have them tell you.So here’s one example: You’ve given them a free video with some content, now the law of reciprocation which a human being feels, can happily fill out a short survey.. They feel like they now you better, feel the trust and feel the urge to give back.You can use it for offline work too.. to find out problems with people? Say an electrican.. What issues do they face with the topic related to the video.. plumbing, fitness, fat loss.. the list is endless.



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