VideoWeaver is an online video creating tool, online video player and social video player. Download mp4, social share (play), embed, fully responsive videos with many features available (such as video, text, images overlays, custom background, captions and many more) all in mp4 video, optimized for all devices, mobile or desktop.

Create videos by recording them directly from your camera or you can upload videos. Insert videos inside video, set their size and time, when to show and when to hide. Intuitive controls, easy to use.Set custom background image (chroma key compositing) and custom sounds in your videos. Insert sound overlays (choose audios, set their duration and time when to start).

Use timeline features to set (insert) video, image, text, sound overlays. Set logo, poster, background image, captions , export as GIF embed on pages or on social networks. Extra settings (transparency etc.) are available for some features.Download videos directly as .mp4 files that will work on all devices, use embed option and use our server for streaming, share them as .mp4 on social networks with all features in and in video format that will work on all devices.


All features such as text, video, image overlays, audios, chroma key compositing, background image and all others will be visible on all devices, desktop or mobile (iPhone, Android, windows and all others), as you will get full mp4 file with built in features.

Video created with video-weaver will be exported as h.264 mp4 videos and fully downloadable, you can easy share videos on social networks like facebook, twitter, g+, on your walls, pages, timeline, etc. Play videos on your timelines, pages, walls local machine,… Embed videos on your pages with our fully responsive and ultra fast video player.

You can easy export whole video or part of video as GIF image in few easy steps. Click on export as GIF button choose time in video from which part it should be exported and end time to which time video should be exported, click on export and browser will start downloading exported GIF image. You can use this image just like you would use any other image.You can remove audio from your video by clicking on remove sound button and mark checkbox.

Put video inside video as overlay, add image with transparency in videos, add audios, add text overlays set positions and times when to show and when to fade out.
Add logo with transparency in your video, set position and transparency and time when to appear and when to fade out. Set your Cover image (poster).

Chroma key compositing is available, you can put what ever background image to your background (usually green screen but you can use what ever color you choose). You can record video or upload one with green background (or any other color) and choose image which will replace that background in few easy steps. Insert captions in your videos, choose captions file next click insert and that is it, captions will be added to the video.


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