Viral Repeat


With Viral Repeat you will get your own website that you can use to promote – by promoting this website you will not only be getting traffic to your own website but also getting traffic to 6 other websites. By giving those other members the opportunity to get traffic through your marketing efforts – you will also be able to get traffic through their marketing efforts. And, as more views are generated – your website gets more and more views without you actually doing any of the additional marketing effort. In fact, after initially getting started – all you need to do is click seven of the other banners to keep your own banner in rotation for a full 24 hours. So, you can get a considerable amount of your marketing done in less than 5 minutes.In addition to using the site to generate traffic to your main business – you can also use the site to generate a nice side income. You can become a free member and as you show your Viral Repeat website to others (and they decide to get one of their own) you will earn commissions down to two levels. If you decide to upgrade your account then you will be able to earn commissions down to four levels. As an extra bonus – if you decide to upgrade your account then your banner will be in rotation without you having to do the daily clicking to keep it active.



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