The new version of ViralURL is finally out! The wait is over. Colin Klinkert and Frank Bauer have loaded ViralURL with plenty of new, powerful features, and more benefits.With ViralURL 2.0 not only can you shorten and cloak your links and protect yourself against affiliate commission theft but you can also promote your own or affiliate offers to other ViralURL Members.But that’s not all… Here are some of the new features and benefits available with ViralURL 2.0: NEW Social Message Center, Improved Social Downline Builder, NEW Getting Started System, Campaign Click and Conversion Tracking NEW ViralURL Dashboard, Advanced Statistical Graphics, 17K Mailing Credits Instead of 10K Credits, System Mailer For Free Members,With ViralURL 2.0, even Free members have access to the, System Mailer to use Mailing Credits they purchased or earned through the Getting Started module.If you haven’t signed up to ViralURL yet, I strongly suggest that you get started now… Why make it hard on yourself when there is a tool that makes is so easy? A great way to cloak and protect your affiliate links is by simply using ViralURL.ViralURL allows you to not only cloak your links but also shorten your links, making it more appealing to your readers.



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