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Vooplayer is a cloud based smart video player that allows you to play any video you want anywhere you want exactly the way you want with lots of engaging and monetization options.You can use any video URL. It doesn’t matter where your videos are hosted. Videos hosted on video platforms, like YouTube and Vimeo. Or videos hosted by yourself or on paid servers like Amazon S3. And the most awesome new feature is Hybrid Video Cloud-Hosting™. Now you can use your free Basic Dropbox account for free cloud hosting. And you never have to pay for hosting services as Vimeo charges you.Publish your video. You can publish your video anywhere you want. On Facebook, on your blog/website, you name it. Just use the embed code and place it anywhere you want. Analyze, monitor an improve your video results. With the outstanding analytics you know exactly what your viewers do an like. What about heatmaps, viewing trends, engaging graphs, regional breakdown? All included in the software. And the best part you can split test your videos… even inside your Facebook’s Newsfeed. And the best part is that all features have been integrated to the video and can’t be changed by the viewer.vooPlayer is a Video Marketers Dream. It is unlike anything on the market today.




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