Presented by Waves

Blockchain is a revolution in technology, a grassroots phenomenon that’s gone from being a curiosity for nerds and cryptoanarchists to something that is actually impacting the real world.

Blockchain enables tokenisation, which means that you have the power to to digitize any form of value you own from property rights and money to energy and your vote. And when that value is digitised, decentralised and tokenised, it’s ready to be transferred or traded instantly, peer to peer, across the world — changing the world for good. This isn’t a technology that belongs to enterprises — this is as close to democratizing disruption as it gets.

Companies like Waves, which is celebrating release of smart contracts in May, are springing up to build fast, low-cost, secure and user friendly blockchain platforms to open the revolution up to everyone, individuals and companies alike.

How are we already changing the world?

Check out the infographic below and you’ll see all the ways blockchain is impacting the world right now — and what’s it poised to do very shortly.